ASSEMBLE Protocol Expands Ecosystem with Coinbase and Listings 

Place/Date: Hong Kong - October 23rd, 2021 at 9:56 am UTC · 4 min read
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ASSEMBLE Protocol Expands Ecosystem with Coinbase and Listings 
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ASSEMBLE Protocol is one of the blockchain platforms that has been making major progress in its quest for adoption. Since its launch, its community has continued to grow, with over 750,000 users within its ecosystem.

Its native token ASM has also been listed on several exchanges and caused excitement with its exponential price increase in recent months. Let’s explore ASSEMBLE Protocol and highlight key developments within its ecosystem.

A Decentralized Point and Mileage Integration System

ASSEMBLE Protocol is a blockchain protocol that provides point integration for leading firms where various loyalty points can be integrated and converted to its native token ASM through a single unified wallet.

Users can also access multiple chaand nnels to use their points and leverage the inbuilt ASSEMBLE Marketplace to purchase goods services. In addition, points can be converted to ASM tokens are exchanged to fiat on supported exchanges like Coinbase, and Bithumb Korea.

ASSEMBLE Protocol is unique because it is built on the blockchain, all data collected from consumers are secure, and transactions are executed in record time. Users can also freely transfer their loyalty points within the platform. They can also receive additional rewards from leaving reviews about their purchase experience or through community participation.

ASSEMBLE also provides a unique infrastructure that advertisers can leverage to run ad campaigns within its platform effectively. ASSEMBLE Protocol is powered by its native token ASM, which serves as a payment and reward token within its ecosystem.

Key Developments within the ASSEMBLE Ecosystem

ASSEMBLE Protocol has been able to collaborate with key e-commerce platforms, including and clubpass. The two platforms have over 750,000 users, 3,500 store shopping malls and 181 club affiliates. The partnership has significantly bolstered the ASSEMBLE ecosystem and led to the adoption of ASM tokens.

ASSEMBLE has also developed mobile apps that provides an optimized experience for iOS and Android users. The blockchain protocol has also launched a desktop version for its ASSEMBLE Wallet. The wallet provides a portable platform for desktop users to perform transactions within the ASSEMBLE platform.

ASM Token Listed on Coinbase and

ASSEMBLE Protocol has made significant steps towards increasing the adoption of ASM tokens with the recent listing on Coinbase and ASM holders will be able to deposit, trade, exchange and withdraw their tokens on the two popular exchanges.

Coinbase listed the ASM/USD and ASM/USDT trading pairs on its trading platform. Coinbase is the second-largest centralized crypto exchange with more than $6 billion daily transaction volumes.

The listing is expected to lead to major adoption and liquidity to the ASSEMBLE Protocol blockchain protocol. The Coinbase effect has already started, with ASM experiencing a price spike of 200% and transaction volumes of 26,000% following the listing announcement. is not far off from Coinbase and is the sixth-largest centralized crypto exchange based on trading volume. has an extensive presence in more than 120 countries and 3 million users globally.

The exchange has listed ASM/USDT and ASM/ETH pairs on its trading platform. Users will be able to take advantage of the increased liquidity on to swap their ASM for fiat and vice-versa.

These latest listings on Coinbase and comes after ASM was listed by Bithumb Korea earlier in the year. ASSEMBLE has already made it known that it plans to list ASM on other exchange platforms in the future.

Final Thoughts

The development made by ASSEMBLE protocol in the past few months has been remarkable. The recent listings on Coinbase and are only an indication of the massive potentials of the blockchain platform.

To learn more about ASSEMBLE Protocol, visit Assemble website and Medium page.