Eugenia Kovaliova

Eugenia can call herself a multy-interested person, as she is always in search of new proffessional fields to encompass. After graduating from Belarussian State University with Bachelor degree in both International Communication and Public Relations, she joined a travel startup Fresh Adventures, where she worked for 3 years creating unique itineraries through exotic countries, travelling around the world and developing the company as a partner. Currently, she works as a business analyst in the field of information technologies. She believes that IT is the future, that is why it is so important to keep up with the latest trends in this rapidly growing industry.

SkyCoin Reveals the Details of its Recent Testnet Service of Skywire Launch
May 29th, 2018

A new cryptocurrency and blockchain innovator SkyCoin has recently launched its Testnet Service of SkyWire, a new completely decentralized internet.

Crowdholding Announces Updates for the Platform
May 29th, 2018

A decentralized open innovation platform Crowdholding has announce some major updates, providing its users with new opportunities.

Decentralized Fiat-Crypto Marketplace Dether is Coming to Your Mobile Device
May 28th, 2018

In June 2018, peer-to-peer ecosystem Dether will introduce the world its very new mobile app allowing both individuals and shops to become an exchange.

TE-FOOD and HALAL TRAIL Collaborate for Blockchain-Enabled Halal Food
May 28th, 2018

The collaboration between food traceability solution TE-FOOD and UK-based HALAL TRAIL opens the world the first blockchain-based halal food market.

China Will Form National Blockchain Standardization Committee This Year
May 28th, 2018

Chinese authorities continue to standardize the blockchain sector, aiming to form National Blockchain Standardization Committee by the end of 2018.

The World’s First IOTA-Fueled Electric Charging Station is Released by ElaadNL
April 20th, 2018

The Dutch knowledge and innovation centre ElaadNL has recently released the world’s first autonomously operating IOTA charging station.

Cryptics Introduces The World’s First AI-Based Trading Solution
April 18th, 2018

Cryptics presents the world its breakthrough AI-based trading solution, in an attempt to address the growing problem of crypto trading inconsistency.

Italian Luxury Pen Manufacturers Ancora Launches Cryptocurrency Pen Series
April 18th, 2018

After a successful release of the Bitcoin Pen last year, the Italian luxury pen maker Ancora is pleased to present its next exclusive Ethereum Pen.

Hada DBank Announces Strategic Partnership Along with New Advisors
April 17th, 2018

The world’s first digital Islamic bank, Hada DBank, has added new advisors to its advisory board and collaborated with Eclii Ventures to run its TGE.

Blockchain-based Video Sharer Viuly Welcomes 1 Millionth User
April 16th, 2018

Viuly, a decentralized blockchain platform for sharing videos, is proud to announce its reaching the 1 million user mark this week.