Verasity: The Next Killer App For Video Rewards

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 2 min read
Verasity: The Next Killer App For Video Rewards
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Meet Verasity – the next killer app to revolutionize online video industry by rewarding users for viewing videos and ads without changing their usual habits.

All the existing video platforms have one thing in common. In order to get desirable content, viewers are forced to give away their privacy and watch intrusive ads. This results in viewers blocking ads, thus depriving publishers of revenues, which could further help in creating even greater content.

That is why it can be said that blocking ads hurts all 3 participants at the same time – publishers, who suffer from lower revenues; advertisers, who lose their audience; and viewers themselves, as they enjoy worse content than they could otherwise have.

Verasity developed the next killer app to revolutionize online video industry for the better by solving these major issues. is a leading video player providing a groundbreaking signature rewarded video player technology to major video publishers from around the world. The application is based on the idea of rewarding viewers for watching ads, so that all three participants can benefit.

Verasity is not just another decentralized P2P video sharing platform. It is very different. While other platforms endeavour to break the habits of publishers and viewers by poaching them from giant platforms like YouTube, to which they are already accustomed to. Verasity is not trying to create a whole new disruptive infrastructure that moves everyone around. Instead, it is using the same old infrastructure, but disrupting it from the inside.

Verasity wrote code which are modules that integrate into all the main online video platforms: YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Brightcove, Kaltura, VideoJS, Flowplayer, and Ooyala, which represent over 95% of all the video players utilized. This makes attracting millions of publishers a much easier task, as they don’t need to change their usual workflow in a bid to increase engagement and monetization.

The Verasity economy is powered by the VRA token. The process of using Verasity app is close-loop. Publishers buy VRA from exchanges to fund their campaigns – viewers enjoy greater content and earn VRA. Then viewers watch ads to earn more VRA, thus allowing publishers to earn VRA and spend it on creating greater content. Viewers can donate VRA to their favorite content creators, spend them on goods and services, as well as sell them for BTC or ETH.

It’s a real win-win-win solution, where all the participants enjoy revenues. This killer app is already available to more than 2.0 million video publishers with their own sites with 550 million users and more than 110 billion monthly views.

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