Don’t Miss Deals As Bitcoin Black Friday 2016 Begins!

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read
Don’t Miss Deals As Bitcoin Black Friday 2016 Begins!
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Around 150 merchants are expected to take part in Bitcoin Black Friday 2016 offering a wide range of products from video games, diamond jewelry, cryptoart to new computers.

There is one day a year passionately welcomed by shopaholics all over the world. Billions are expected to be spent every Black Friday. Bitcoin enthusiasts are also given a unique possibility to do shopping in bitcoin. And we can recommend the best place for it – Bitcoin Black Friday.

Jon Holmquist, the Bitcoin Black Friday founder, depicts it as a large platform where all discounts and offers are gathered. It opens early morning EST with Ledger in particular “hosting a very generous deal on their hardware wallets”.

The first Bitcoin Black Friday took place four years ago when bitcoin wasn’t that popular. Only few people used the cryptocurrency with its price then standing at around $1. Next year, the event attracted up to 600 merchants, the highest ever, just as bitcoin reached its all-time high.

Holmquist unveiled that this time they expect around 150 merchants to participate and offer a wide range of products from video games, diamond jewelry, cryptoart to new computers. The topic of this year is a celebration of bitcoin’s history, focusing on issues affecting bitcoiners and bitcoin merchants.

“We launched Bitcoin Black Friday to provide a foil to Bitcoin’s negative brand image due to the Silk Road, we were successful,” said Holmquist. “We will be focusing on a smaller event this year revolving around core Bitcoin merchants who have been processing and accepting Bitcoin for years, merchants well known in the community like Bees Brothers or BitBrew.”

Cryptocoinsnews tells a story of Bees Brothers, a small family business run by three teenagers in Utah. When they started the project, they must not have anticipated future success. Initially, they wanted to learn more about bees while now they offer Honey Roasted Almonds, Honey Soap, Beeswax Lip Balm and other products, all for bitcoins. They used to participate in Bitcoin Black Fridays in previous years when they offered a 20% discount.  This year, we can expect the same or even better deals.

BitBrew was launched in 2011 when they offered “some organic Guatemalan coffee, ground, for 2.95 BTC per pound,” now worth more than $2,000 at current prices. There is a possibility to purchase the coffee far cheaper today.

Let us also introduce a newcomer on current Black Friday. Cryptoart offers paintings, but with a twist. They come in different sizes, from small A4 art pieces to actual paintings you can hang on the wall. “We’ve sold well over 1000 pieces since launch”, says Troy Fearnow, Cryptoart founder.

Cryptoart holds bitcoin through a QR code with the private key under a security sticker on the back. “You can change the private key and QR code without damaging it.  It’s really just a vessel to hold them,” said Fearnow. “We want to use imagery to attract people into the Bitcoin space. Last year, we made over 100 new Bitcoin owners by giving away Bitcoin in art at SXSW. Currently, I’m working on a highly trafficked retail location in Austin. I would like to encourage people to consider giving Cryptoart as a gift. Physical bitcoin represents a really easy way to scale the technological barrier that can discourage potential users.”

Bitcoin Black Friday is a wonderful opportunity for sellers to promote their goods and for customers to make purchases using a trustless and permissionless payment network without any gatekeeper to deny them the service, ask them for any papers or other barriers, or hijack their value.

“I hope everyone will have a good time this year, we’re really excited to see the turnout this year, and well, I’m personally excited to purchase some gifts with Bitcoin again!” said Holmquist.

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