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Metaverse Project ‘BetaMars Land NFT’ to Be Launched, and Binance NFT Market Is Welcoming the World’s First Sale!

February 7th, 2022 at 7:21 pm UTC · 3 min read

In metaverse’s world, except scientists and tycoons who can seize the profit highland, most of the early participants often get dividends from projects. Similarly, judging from the development of popular metaverse projects in the past, the earlier participants tend to have higher returns, especially in the investment in metaverse land field, the earlier participants usually have unexpected returns!

According to the official news of BetaMars, BetaMars Land NFT plans to land in Binance NFT Market in February. The launch of the BetaMars Land NFT will be the best time for players to enter the BetaMars project early and accompany the project to grow!

Metaverse Project 'BetaMars Land NFT' to Be Launched, and Binance NFT Market Is Welcoming the World's First Sale!

Land NFT is an important infrastructure in the world of BetaMars metaverse, issued in BSC chain. The total initial issuance of Land NFT is 10,000 pieces, with four different land sizes of 2*2, 4*4, 4*8 and 8*8. The larger the area, the higher the initial solidity of the land.

In the BetaMars world, every piece of land has five chain attributes: Land NFT image, BetaMars world coordinates, land solidity, land NFT activation status and Elonpunk Pool status! Through these attributes, the ownership of Land NFT and the status of attached resources are determined!

BetaMars Land NFT is an important ecological component of BetaMars project, which plays an essential role in the whole project development process. Land NFT runs through the development of BetaMars in the whole world. In BetaMars 1.0, players are divided into two roles: Lord and Miner. Both sides will exploit the production resources on Land NFT. In the 2.0 and above, the world civilization of BetaMars will be established based on Land NFT. City, commerce and culture will be built on Land NFT. Land NFT will play an infinite ecological and commercial value with the development of BetaMars world civilization!

Metaverse Project 'BetaMars Land NFT' to Be Launched, and Binance NFT Market Is Welcoming the World's First Sale!

BetaMars( is a metaverse project created by a team of well-known scientists from all over the world. It is mainly devoted to building a surreal metaverse ecological civilization. The core members of the team have previously worked in well-known organizations in crypto industry and game field. Zach, CTO of BetaMars, previously worked with BM to build two projects, BitShare and EOS, and CEO Silvia had previously led the team to participate in the production of large-scale games such as League of Legends.

Although BetaMars has not been launched yet, its powerful project team, ambitious project vision, innovative gameplay mechanism and unique economic model have attracted wide attention in the metaverse market. It has been praised as the dark horse project of metaverse track in 2022 by many well-known institutions. At present, it has attracted the attention of many capitals. BetaMars has completed the financing of Kryptos, Game Mine Capital, HotDao, Youbi Capital, Pluto Capital and other institutions in a month since its launch, and the total financing amount has exceeded 10 million US dollars.

2021 is a pioneering year for the whole metaverse ecology. With the influx of mainstream capital, the price of metaverse land assets is close to the real world level! Now, it is in the exploration period of metaverse, and the track of metaverse still has great space for expansion. The natural scarcity and commercial value of metaverse land will drive its value to climb continuously! The sale of BetaMars Land NFT may be the best opportunity for the growth of land NFT value.