Big 3 Ruling Cloud Infrastructure Market with Almost $22B Earnings This Quarter

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Big 3 Ruling Cloud Infrastructure Market with Almost $22B Earnings This Quarter
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The revenue numbers from Amazon, Microsoft and Google reached almost $22 billion this earnings season.

The famous Big 3 – Amazon, Microsoft and Google – went crazy in this earning season with their revenues made through cloud infrastructure reaching almost $22 billion. The rulers of the cloud infrastructure market have driven major societal change via their dominance and role in online activities, unlike other tech giants as is for example IBM. They are ruling the online market through anti-competitive practices, constant-rising financial power, and intellectual property law.

Be it as it may, it is pretty hard to really define the right meaning of the cloud numbers because not every company includes the same parts in the cloud revenue category. For example, Google didn’t publish its cloud revenue this quarter, so the information we have is from July this year.

It’s also important not to mix cloud infrastructure with ‘software as service (SaaS) revenue. Microsoft, for example, earned its additional money from their SaaS business, but Google combines SaaS and infrastructure into a single number.

So let’s start.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Ahead of Other Market Players

Amazon reported revenue of around $9 billion this month and even though it didn’t exactly meet the projections, it had put it on a run rate of almost $36 billion. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos commented little on the results, but he said the company has been working hard on the upcoming holiday season for prime customers.

Microsoft Saw a 59% Cloud Growth Fall

Microsoft reported its Intelligent Cloud earnings of approximately $11 billion, and it was awarded the Pentagon’s $10 billion, decade-long JEDI cloud contract. Same as Amazon, Microsoft saw its cloud growth slowing down. It fell to 59% compared with 76% a year ago, but the truth is that it has been growing at so fast pace that is almost impossible to keep track of that high growth rate.

John Dinsdale from Synergy Research said that being “at the scale that Azure has achieved and to be still growing at around 60% per year is impressive. Sure, the growth rate is nudging down, but that is entirely to be expected for a business that has rapidly grown.” And, let’s not forget that Intelligent Cloud includes not just Azure, but also the SQL Server, Windows Server, Visual Studio and consulting and support services.

Google Growing Fast

Even though Google has pretty much less market share than the previous two companies (around 8%) it is growing at a fast pace. The company took former Oracle executive Thomas Kurian at the end of last year to help drive growth at the cloud sector.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in July that the company was on an $8 billion run rate, or $2 billion a quarter. That means the company’s cloud revenue had doubled in 18 months. Still, that number consists of both Google’s infrastructure services and its commercial SaaS tools as is G Suite.

“The momentum has been great. Obviously, ever since Thomas has come in, he has continued to invest across the board. He’s definitely focused a lot on scaling up our sales partner and operational teams, and it’s playing out well. In this business, it’s important for you to be in as many deal situations as possible and get those wins, which accrues over time. And so, we are definitely seeing the momentum,” commented Pichai.

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