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Big Eyes, UniSwap, and Near Protocol – Three Altcoins to Consider if You Desire a Great 2023, Plus How Big Eyes’ 200% Bonus Is the Hottest Thing in Crypto Now 

January 17th, 2023 at 11:20 am UTC · 4 min read

Big Eyes, UniSwap, and Near Protocol – Three Altcoins to Consider if You Desire a Great 2023, Plus How Big Eyes’ 200% Bonus Is the Hottest Thing in Crypto Now 
Photo: Big Eyes Coin

As the new year begins, crypto enthusiasts are compelled to make certain tweaks to their crypto holdings going into coming trading seasons. For the prepared ones, it would be a matter of identifying the best time to make their Christmas-funded crypto purchase.  However, for crypto investors who may find the new year has begun too quickly to have a near-accurate analysis or effect research, UniSwap (UNI), Near Protocol (NEAR), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are crypto assets you can take chances on. These altcoins all have unique features that make them good purchase options. You may find them risk-worthy and well worth investing in.

UniSwap (UNI): Top Trading Exchange That Big Eyes Coin Aims to Launch On

UniSwap is a top trading protocol/decentralized exchange (DEX) that facilitates automated trading of DeFi tokens. The increase in crypto trading and the DeFi boom in the previous year has increased UniSwap prominence and adoption. The decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol boasts over $3 billion in Total Locked Value (TVL), and the figure could increase in the coming year.

UniSwap creates liquidity for the DeFi ecosystem. The automated market maker (AMM) leverages automated solutions to achieve this while improving on the problems common to the earliest DEXs (decentralized exchanges). The automated nature of trading on UniSwap makes the protocol open to anyone to create a liquidity pool for a token pair. It reduces costs, risks, and eliminates the need for identity verification.

UniSwap is a constantly upgrading crypto which makes it highly efficient and beneficial to users and liquidity providers. The platform’s native token, UNI, serves governance purposes on the protocol and facilitates transactions. UniSwap token (UNI) has over $4 billion market cap, which could increase in the coming year. The crypto asset yielded huge returns for holders in the previous year and may likely do the same a few months into the new year.

Near Protocol (NEAR):  Improving Crypto Functionality Immeasurably

Near Protocol is a cloud computing platform optimized to be better than competing blockchains with lesser speed, poor interoperability, and low throughput. The protocol is a great foundation for dApps to run properly while ensuring easy usage and navigation for developers (users).

Near Protocol uses a custom consensus mechanism, Doomslug, and a unique scaling solution, Nightshade technology, to improve throughput and general functionality. The developer-friendly protocol uses human-readable addresses rather than the cryptographic addresses common to most blockchains.

Near Protocol’s native token, NEAR, is an important part of the platform, facilitating rewards, transactions, and other activities. It’s equally a tradable crypto asset for crypto traders. NEAR made a great start to the year,  reaching a new all-time high. It has since suffered about a 90% price dump, but the advent of the new year could restore its momentum and see it pump impressively.

Big Eyes, UniSwap, and Near Protocol – Three Altcoins to Consider if You Desire a Great 2023, Plus How Big Eyes’ 200% Bonus Is the Hottest Thing in Crypto Now 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): How the 200% Bonus Promotion Has Set This Meme Coin on Course for the Top

Big Eyes Coin will give cat lovers something to cheer about, as the new meme coin uses a cat as its mascot. This is the first leverage for Big Eyes, and it has contributed to its presale progress, alongside other factors. The meme coin is enjoying massive exposure and marketing reach as the project’s team of developers continues their great marketing effort toward ensuring the project remains prominent.

Big Eyes NFTs and DeFi-related utility makes it a part of the new sets of meme coins with added utility. This means the crypto project won’t go public based on hype alone. Big Eyes will increase DeFi’s profitability by pushing more wealth into the DeFi ecosystem while increasing its accessibility and adoption.

Big Eyes will run a tax-free ecosystem with flexible entry into its ecosystem. The ecosystem is streamlined to be highly rewarding, and it will feature an exchange for crypto assets swapping. Big Eyes (BIG) is still a presale token but will go public soon. Experts believe it will appreciate in value once it launches on crypto exchanges. You should consider joining the presale before its profit potential decreases from its peak.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is currently on presale. You can participate in the token’s ongoing presale via the presale link on its official website. For more information on the Big Eyes Coin (BIG), click here. In order to bring the launch ahead, use the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 to receive a HUGE 200% BONUS bringing our launch closer!

By using the code, you will be getting a 200% bonus on your purchase! To clarify further,  when you purchase 10$ worth of Big Eyes using the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 it will show as 30$ (200% bonus) on the buy page. If they do not reach an additional 12 million by the end of January, the Big Eyes team will continue the pre-sale as normal.

More information on Big Eyes Coin: Website, TelegramTwitterYouTube.

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