Binance Launchpad Announces WINK IEO: First Gaming Project Token Sale

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Binance Launchpad Announces WINK IEO: First Gaming Project Token Sale
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Just recently Binance announced their next token sale for a new gaming project called “WINk”. This is the first gaming IEO project on Binance Launchpad which also is based on the TRON blockchain.

Today Binance along with their token launch platform Binance Launchpad announced the very first gaming project WINk. So far Binance has supported seven IEO projects this year and WINk is the first which represents the gaming industry.

WINk, as it’s being described, is a trustless, permissionless and a high-performance gaming platform. Its token sale will be similar to the one which Elrond had, hence it will be a lottery type of format where willing participants will have to accumulate Binance Coin on Binance.

Participants’ BNB balances will be snapshotted every day for 7 days at 00:00 AM UTC. The lottery starts on July 24 and will occur until July 30. The lottery ends on July 31 which is also going to be the date when the lucky lottery ticket holders will be announced.

Participants willing to join in this lottery will have to sign a Token Purchase Agreement, similar to the Elrond token sale. The main difference between Elrond and WINk token sales is that during WINk’s, Binance Margin Account BNB balance will not be counted.

Additionally, there will be maximum of 200,000 winning lottery tickets. After the token sale, WIN tokens will be issued on Binance Chain, thus becoming a BEP2 asset. Interestingly enough, it will co-exist as a TRON blockchain asset as well.

“We are looking forward to carrying out our commitment to deliver a superior product that benefits the gaming community and provides additional cryptocurrency utility with the support of Binance Launchpad,” commented the head of WINk, Ken Park.

What Is WINk?

WINk is yet another gaming platform which aims to become the number one blockchain gaming platform. Users will be able to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems. Previously, WINk was featured on TRONbet. It was the first dApp that was launched on the TRON network.

Ever since then, it has become the leading gaming application judging by the active users and transaction volume when compared to other major blockchains. Currently, it holds the largest library of games on the blockchain. These games include Poker, Dice, and Slots. Altogether they account for about 16,000 members large community. With WINk, developers can seamlessly create unique games with a set of tools and other resources that are being offered.

Moreover, WINk has developed its own scaling solution that has been implemented in its games. That allows them to entirely eliminate transaction costs.

“Compared to centralized marketplaces, decentralized gaming platforms provide a wide range of tangible benefits from allowing users to keep complete custody of their funds, to fairness and security ensured by auditable smart contracts. We hope that hosting WINk on Binance Launchpad will showcase the advantages of blockchain-based gaming and help advance this space for others,” addresses Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao.

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