Bitcoin Embassy Opens in Houston, Texas

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Bitcoin Embassy Opens in Houston, Texas
Photo: Texas Coinitiative

The Houston Bitcoin Embassy has recently been opened in Houston, Texas.

The Houston Bitcoin Embassy, a coworking space dedicated to tech startups, has recently been opened in Houston, Texas at 6907 Almeda Rd. The place is provided by Cryptospaces, which is backed by Bitcoin consulting company FinalHash.

The Houston Bitcoin Embassy is home to the Texas Coinitiative, a non-profit organization that deals with promoting the use of Bitcoin in Texas.

“We believe that our growing community will help to shape progress in this field. Come network with traders, entrepreneurs and innovators working in one of the most interesting sociological and technological innovations in recent times,” reads the Texas Coinitiative mission statement.

According to the Texas Coinitiative website, the Embassy is a location for Bitcoin supporters and other interested parties to engage and learn about Bitcoin and other emerging Blockchain technologies from like minded individuals.

Besides, the Bitcoin Embassy will serve as the primary location for formal Bitcoin education events covering topics ranging from accepting Bitcoin to investing in the space to the legal developments of the new technology.

The Texas Coinitiative arranges at least one meet-up each week, including the Houston Bitcoin meetup, an Ethereum meetup and an upcoming Houston Bit Business meet-up – a meeting place specifically designed for Bitcoin entrepreneurs.

The Texas Coinitiative invites speakers once or twice a month and in order to inspire the new Bitcoin developers and entrepreneurs, besides, it is always looking for new speakers. Some of the speakers who have recently took part in the event include Peter Todd, Bitcoin Core developer; Nick Sullivan, Changetip CEO; Bob Wilkins, Ziftr CEO.

Moreover, the Embassy has initiated an educational project led by Jay Campuzano of Yo Soy Bitcoin, a series of educational video courses on Bitcoin for beginners in English and Spanish languages.

The Texas Coinitiative is looking for sponsors so that to be in progress: “The help from sponsors will be used for anything from food and drinks for events to printing of educational materials; all for the purpose of education and inspiring others to become more involved in the Houston Bitcoin ecosystem,” said Adam Richard, the president and co-founder of the Texas Coinitiative.

Besides, at the moment, the Houston Bitcoin Embassy has vacancies for anyone interested in a coworking space. “We want to put Houston on the map in the Bitcoin space,” said Richard. “Houston has a lot going on that people don’t realize. There are currently 12 local Bitcoin startups in the city.”

The Houston Bitcoin Embassy is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Furthermore, the Embassy plans to install a Bitcoin ATM in the facility by the end of April.

“The city of Houston is still very early in adoption phases in terms of Bitcoin. There aren’t many merchants that accept bitcoin here. We want to help grow that,” said Richard.

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