Bitcoin Exchange Bitcurex Relaunches Following Hacking Attack

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by Andy Watson · 2 min read
Bitcoin Exchange Bitcurex Relaunches Following Hacking Attack
Poland’s leading bitcoin exchange Bitcurex site relaunches, after hacking attack. Photo: Mikhail Bobrov/Coinspeaker

Bitcurex, the Polish bitcoin exchange, resumes the work of its website after facing the hacker attack.

Bitcurex, the Polish Bitcoin exchange, which was established in July 2012 and based in Lodz, renewed the work of service on 18th March after several hackers’ attack from which it suffered last week.

The service stopped functioning on 14th of March at 09:37 am local time, so the IT team could perform a necessary verification.

What is more, Filip Godecki, a representative of Bitcurex, stated: “Today, we launch trade in Polish zlotys, and on Thursday at 12:00 local time in euros to ensure our support team has sufficient capacity of handling bids in this important period.

Bitcurex also warned its customers not to use recently created website with domain name similar to Bitcurex’s.

But, according to the Bixcurex representatives, the website’s safety procedures had successfully coped with hacker attack and prevented the further actions after the initial theft.

The service was shut down to carry out repair works and implement the necessary improvements to our system. Our internal procedures prevented any further losses which were limited to between 10 and 20 percent of our operational Hot Wallet Bitcurex,” told Godecki.

The most pleasant moment for Bitcurex’s customers is that all losses will be covered from its own funds. The fees for service will not be raised and the clients will not face any other restrictions.

The company has submitted a formal notification to relevant authorities to investigate the case. It could help in finding the hackers, but certainly because of that they can’t publish any details concerning the attack, which could hinder the activities of law enforcement authorities.

The Polish exchange is implementing additional security measures, which will add new layers of security. As it was stated, The Bitcurex is entering the phase of sharp development.


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