Apple Inc Has Approved Sarutobi, an iOS Game that Tips Players in Bitcoin

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Apple Inc Has Approved Sarutobi, an iOS Game that Tips Players in Bitcoin
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New iOS game, which rewards players with virtual currency, has been approved by Apple.

Apple has approved the release of the new game that rewards users with bitcoin tips. The game, called SaruTobi, is now available for download at the iTunes store.

The users of the game play as a monkey named Tobi that collects bitcoin tokens while swinging on a vine through the trees. SaruTobi is translated from Japanese as ‘monkey fly’. SaruTobi features 8-BIT graphics with smooth perspective scaling as well as 8-BIT sounds.

It will likely appeal to the bitcoin enthusiasts who are also fans of games with retro style. Bitcoins look like classic coin pickups like those from the Super Mario Brothers game.

Players can make donations to a shared bitcoin wallet, with an address of 1DUuk9AvMzBbsdazNTQsyVCy1xX2GdnSK4, thus contributing to the tips given to users for playing the game. With the larger number of bitcoins stored in the wallet, more players will be rewarded. More bitcoins will be added to the wallet from profits obtained from ads and in-app purchases.

Speaking to Bitcoin magazine in November, Christian Moss, the developer of the game, said: “I have been making games for iOS for the past few years; however they have always been quite complex, in-depth games.”

“SaruTobi was an attempt to make a very simple/ addictive game in SWIFT, which I think is a good combination for the mobile platform.”

He also stated: “I planned to implement an in-game currency when it suddenly dawned on me to use bitcoin. Bitcoin is a stateless currency and therefore is perfect for international use, I guess you could call it the people’s currency.”

The ads, which can be disabled after gaining 90 bitcoins, are also included in the game. One token in the game is estimated at one bitcoin, so it will not take too much time for players to get rid of the ads.

The digital currency in the game can be used to acquire different in-game items. Still, the bitcoins in SaruTobi are not real, however, Moss is planning to allow users collecting the real bitcoins via micro transactions.

SaruTobi supports only the iOS platforms, although the developers are going to make it available for users of Android devices in the future. In order to support the Android devices, the financing is necessary, so the developers are accepting donations, which could be sent to the address: 1DUuk9AvMzBbsdazNTQsyVCy1xX2GdnSK4.

If the game will be successful, the developers expect it to increase the public awareness of digital currency, especially among the younger people.

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