Bitcoin Ja, a New ATM Player in the Market, to Launch 1st ATM in Lisbon

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Bitcoin Ja, a New ATM Player in the Market, to Launch 1st ATM in Lisbon

Bitcoin Ja is launching its 1st ATM in Lisbon, capital of Portugal, making it the latest entry in the Bitcoin ATM industry while making Portugal the latest European country to have access to an ATM machine.

Bitcoin Já‘s ATM is the result of a rigorous manufacturing process by the company Partteam coupled with experienced IT, hardware and software professionals, from Bitcoin Ja, all leading to a versatile, feature rich and highly scalable system.

The Bitcoin Já ATM is a two-way bitcoin machine allowing conversion to and from fiat currency. Detailed features will be available at the official launch, however it is already known that the next software upgrades are expected to include Altcoins, PayPal cash top-up and service payments.

Although the ATM is already being used by testers and some local bitcoin community members, the official launch is scheduled for Saturday the 4th of October at 5pm, in the lobby of the Cinema theatre in Lisbon, where it will reside.

The event will include a special and unique screening of the long awaited and revealing movie “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” and will be seen, free, by a lucky audience. This screening, has a clear objective of promoting Bitcoin and the local community in the country. The screening will be followed by a discussion with special guests.

Bitcoin Já is dedicated to the Promotion of the Crypto-Currency concept, developing related commercial products and the development of business solutions based on the Bitcoin technology.

Bitcoin Já brings a fresh perspective to the market as it has departed from the traditional “pre-existence” marketing hype/sales and instead concentrated on developing an ATM from scratch, with the crypto-currency community and operator’s profitability in mind.

A series of associated business solutions will follow including empowering local business to use Bitcoin, starting with @Cinema, the event location, from the launch day.

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