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Bitcoin PR Buzz’s No-Strings Summer Deal: Free Consultations for Blockchain Companies

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Bitcoin PR Buzz’s No-Strings Summer Deal: Free Consultations for Blockchain Companies
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Bitcoin PR Buzz announces an innovative summer deal for blockchain startups and businesses totally free of charge, with no strings attached.

It is commonly known that in most cases, regardless of how impressive a company’s credentials are, it will very likely face an uphill battle while selling its wares. The blockchain industry is not an exception. Understanding the point, longstanding specialist PR agency Bitcoin PR Buzz has recently announced its summer deal in Belize.

Within the summer deal for blockchain startups and businesses, Bitcoin PR Buzz offers its customers an evaluation of PR and marketing strategies totally free of charge, with no strings attached. This includes: one-hour Skype meeting with an experienced Account Manager; full analysis of company’s platform, whitepaper and social media presence; analysis of rival companies’ strategies to maximise competitive advantage; individual PR strategy with focus on maximum impact for available budget.

According to Bitcoin PR Buzz, the free service is available to any blockchain project, from startups just coming into the industry to well-established players wishing to increase awareness of their platform or increase their user base or traffic. This will enable both large and small companies to stay ahead of the game and improve their marketing strategy via expert analysis, thereby helping to overhaul their business and increase efficiency while connecting with users, followers and backers.

Passionate evangelists for the adoption of Bitcoin, Bitcoin PR Buzz claims to be the original Bitcoin PR agency. The company has been operating for five years already, specializing in offering blockchain startups press release and article writing services. According to publicity material, Bitcoin PR Buzz boasts over ten years of experience in online marketing, professional writing and PR, and has provided services for over 800 clients globally.

The creators of Bitcoin PR Buzz state:

“We are very excited about Bitcoin and we believe this unprecedented decentralized currency is the future. Bitcoin PR Buzz believes we are witnessing the birth of a highly disruptive technology which will have the same degree of social, cultural and technological impact as the emergence of the Internet itself.”

Due to high demand, Bitcoin PR Buzz has created a special Platinum Executive Package. This boasts guaranteed publication of featured articles and press releases on the major blockchain news outlets, with the company claiming ‘this is the most comprehensive PR and featured article pack available anywhere in the industry’.

Platinum Executive offers everything which was included in the company’s Ultimate Executive plus 11 original featured articles on major Bitcoin news outlets –,, (formerly,,,,,,, and

Moreover, the package includes press releases published on leading blockchain news sites, press releases published on, FOX, NBC and 500 other mainstream outlets, as well as direct sending of press releases to newsdesks of over 500 media outlets including New York Times, Forbes, CNN and Bloomberg.

If Bitcoin PR Buzz continues to live up to its own high standards and makes a success of its innovative summer deal, it will likely be able to leverage its status as a pioneer in the field to capitalize on an expanding blockchain industry which is increasingly gaining mainstream acceptance. If that is indeed the case, there may be many more Bitcoin PR Buzz deals to come in the future.

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