Bitcoin Social Platform ZapChain Partners with Coinbase, Raises $350K

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Bitcoin Social Platform ZapChain Partners with Coinbase, Raises $350K
ZapChain believes that tiny bits of money on every post encourage any audience to share. Photo: Egor Pavlovich/Coinspeaker Ltd.

Besides two promising perspectives ZapChain has attracted Talib Kweli, one of the most famous hip hop performers, to sell his new album for bitcoin.

ZapChain has several exciting news for both bitcoin and music fans. The company has just announced a new promising partnership with Coinbase which enables thousands of everyday users to evaluate all benefits of bitcoin.

Coinbase, one of the largest and most significant bitcoin wallets and exchanges in the industry, is available in 30 countries. It announced its expansion to European market in the beginning of October. By that time the company had already launched service for purchases of bitcoin with 3D Secure-enabled credit and debit cards in the UK and Spain.

Besides ZapChain has raised $350,000 from Tim Draper, partner at Draper Fisher Jurvetson; Adam Draper, Boost VC founder, and the Boost Bitcoin Fund. Thus forthcoming partnership plus reasonable use of the funds will let ZapChain expand its services and make them more diverse and convenient for the users.

You can wonder why we mentioned music fans at the beginning of the article. That’s one more thing ZapChain has to please its fans. Talib Kweli is a name known to all hip hop lovers. He is one of the most famous artists nowadays with two successful albums ‘A Beautiful Struggle’ (2004) and ‘Eardrum’ (2007). When releasing a new ‘Indie 500‘ Talib turned to bitcoin as a convenient payment method. Thus he became one of the pioneers among artists who let fans pay for his album in bitcoin.

Hopefully his example will be contagious for many other artists and more and more digital products will be sold on ZapChain. It’s wrong to think that ZapChain is more like a social interaction platform for all things regarding bitcoin and the blockchain. The service allows users to tip each other using bitcoin while companies have a possibility to run mini contests by rewarding microtips to top posters.

ZapChain COO Daniel Cawrey talks about further plans: “We want to be more mainstream. We want to bring tipping to much a larger audience. In order to do that, we have to expand out of just emerging technology, which is what most of our current communities consist of.

Allowing people to create their own communities, as well as letting people sell digital goods in these communities, is certainly a step towards being more all encompassing.” By the way Kweli has already got his own ZapChain community where his fans can get in touch with the artist.

Talib Kweli’s new album Indie 500 is already available at ZapChain for $12 (separate tracks cost $1.29 each). ZapChain has also prepared a pleasant surprise – it is giving away 1,000 free tracks to Talib Kweli fans as a celebratory event for this album release.

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