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Bitfinex Presents New Reporting Tools Designed to Enhance User Control

UTC by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
Bitfinex Presents New Reporting Tools Designed to Enhance User Control
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One of the oldest cryptocurrency platforms Bitfinex is looking to excel users’ trading experience as it unleashes a new toolkit conceived for better insight into account information.

As a rapidly evolving market for cryptocurrency trading is getting overcrowded with daily opening cryptocurrency exchanges, it becomes harder for the long-lasting industry pillars to save their competitive edge.

One need to be flexible and ingenious in order to protect the loyalty of their usual clientele as well as attract a steady influx of new customers. The cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is holding positions with the help of smart solutions that continuously broadern users’ trading experience.  

Recently the platform has introduced a new set of reporting tools designed to help users gain greater control over their trades and give them useful insights into their activities on the trading platform. According to a blogpost published on the Bitfinex official website, a new suite of tools is said to accelerate the rate of global cryptocurrency adoption while facilitating an increasingly mature market.

The platform’s commitment to prove cryptocurrency with a mainstream launchpad is read between the lines of the exchange statement:

“As institutions and professional traders enter the digital asset trading space, Bitfinex struggles to creating the tools required to thoroughly meet their needs. Today we are pleased to present our users with a new suite of reporting tools for better user understanding when it comes to their trading.”

Built to be both faster and easier to use, new additions to the Bitfinex platform enable users to gain unlimited insights into their account information by viewing as much of their trading data as they want, thus removing requested data limits users have been facing until today. Notably that traders can now instantly compile an overview of necessary account information stemming as far back as account history goes no matter how old their accounts are.

Moreover, Bitfinex also allowed the lifetime data to be viewed in both online and offline mode with the platform’s users being able to work offline with their activities recorded on a local database, which ensuring there is no need for an internet connection to work with the account data.

In the meantime, the entire suite of reporting tools is said to become open-sourced in the near future, thus giving users the possibility to submit features and personalize the tools to suit specific needs.

Successfully leveraging the Bitfinex API, the new toolkit offers a field wallet added to end-point ‘ledgers’ that identifies the wallet involved in movements. End-point ‘currencies’ are also added bringing up a list of available currencies with ID and full name.

The end-point ‘userInfo’ is present too, bringing up information about the users profile, while end-points ‘accountTrades’, ‘orderHistory’, ‘fundingOfferHistory’, ‘fundingLoanHistory’ and ‘fundingCreditHistory’ have been changed, with a new option to return all the data without filtering by pair/coin when no pair/coin is sent.

A week ago, Coinspeaker reported that Bitfinex has changed their provider of banking serviced shifting from the almost bankrupt Noble Bank to a $133 billion-worth banking giant  HSBC that is located in London. Amidst the crypto-community this partnership was marked as highly potential deal that in long term prospective could lead to a significant positive impact on the market and its stability.

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