Bitmora Launches Its New Platform to Transform the Way Cryptocurrencies are Exchanged

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Bitmora Launches Its New Platform to Transform the Way Cryptocurrencies are Exchanged
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Bitmora, the world’s first digital asset exchange built by the community, has announced the launch of its exchange platform.

Bitmora, a transformative cryptocurrency exchange platform, has officially announced the date of its exchange platform’s launch, setting it on Q2, 2018. The announcement comes off the back of the platform’s ongoing ICO and is a significant milestone for a product that has quietly been in development for over a year.

Blockchain technology has grown from mere speculative instrument to full-on solutions for addressing real-world and real-time problems. However, one of the biggest challenges facing the community remains the seamless exchange of one crypto for another.

Most crypto exchanges have been developed with the technical savvy in mind, making it a chore – and sometimes, downright intimidating – for beginners. Bitmora’s revolutionary exchange platform is finally presenting an all encompassing ecosystem for the crypto community.

The startup is modernizing the way cryptocurrencies are exchanged through enterprising trading tools, 24/7 live support, intuitive deposits and withdrawal system, as well as a fair fee system for all traders. The team behind the platform intends to make their product one of the strongest advocates for blockchain technology and, as such, has instituted plans for a worldwide tour to educate both traders and investors on how to benefit from the myriad of opportunities offered by the emergent decentralized financial system.

As Colton Brister, the company’s chairman and CEO, has commented:

“Education is key for Blockchain right now. Many people have heard of it but still don’t understand exactly what it is or the opportunities it provides. Bitmora will offer a full education platform, featuring lectures and interactive courses led by certified Blockchain developers.”

Bitmora will also be offering lessons on trading-related subjects, such as in-depth risk management, technical analysis, and strategies.

Bitmora’s infrastructure is capable of processing over a million transactions per second at any time given. This capability is expected to grow strongly by launch, providing lightning-fast trade executions for orders in real-time. Bitmora will also be one of the first crypto exchanges to provide live phone support to customers, guaranteeing prompt resolution to problems and concerns.

As Brister has commented on the current state of crypto exchange customer support:

“The fact that you can operate as a Money Services Business with the authority to lock up your customers’ funds and then deny them the right to a simple phone call is unacceptable. We want our customers to call us if they have an issue with their account. Our dedicated support team will be there to assist them every step of the way to resolution.”

In a world where crowdfunding often entails the issuance of tokenized assets or services, Bitmora has decided to seek funding off the beaten path. The company will not be issuing any coin or token, neither will there be an ICO. Instead, Bitmora crowdfunding is a public contribution campaign where participants transfer funds to the company in return for revenue share that is determined by their initial contribution and exchange volume.

Contributors will also be given access to the platform’s exclusive beta program when it launches, making them the first members of the exchange platform. This early membership opportunity will enable contributors to test-run the platform’s innovative features, including the desktop and mobile app.

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