Blockchain Startup Develops Technology to Simplify the Crypto-Spending Experience

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Blockchain Startup Develops Technology to Simplify the Crypto-Spending Experience
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Tbilisi-based blockchain startup VISO aims to bring crypto payments to a new level of development with the help of its VISO SMART terminals.

Today, an exponentially large variety of cryptocurrencies is available for both newbie-hobbyists and seasoned traders, coveting in hope of increasing the value of their portfolio, and therefore their wealth.

It’s also worth noting, that many tokens have far reaching technological implementations of blockchain technology functioning as a part of an ecosystem or economy on a given platform, which entices intrigue and curiosity from industries, businesses and individuals seeking a blockchain solution for practical use.

In real world, cryptocurrency isn’t really being utilized for its monetary value. Presently, tokens (cryptocurrency) are ‘spent’ on platforms that are fully live or still in development. There are also platforms on which users can store their cryptocurrency for a range of options, including converting them into new coins, sending them across the world, loaning them out and, in some cases, ‘cashing them out’ into USD, GBP etc.

Bitcoin is used in commerce as a legitimate way to pay for goods and services. Such an option is available not everywhere across the globe, only in very few places but, according to some predictions, it could slowly become the norm in the near future. At present, businesses, merchants and customers lack an easy crypto-spending solution.

Accessibility is a key factor here. For businesses it can be frustrating that they are unable to accept cryptocurrency payments instantly. For the reason of wide crypto variety flooding the market, accepting multiple forms of virtual currency could be a complete game changer, especially if the crypto-payments were  immediately converted through an exchange into fiat currency.

VISO, an ambitious blockchain startup from Tbilisi, Georgia, has created a blockchain-based full cycle payment system. Their vision encapsulates the previously mentioned desirables with their VISO SMART terminals. With the VISO SMART terminal, businesses have access to a simplified system reducing the need for multiple cash registers, bank terminals from multiple banks, accounting systems, scanners and so on within their business.

The terminals bring together the benefits of traditional electronic payments and crypto-payments. Using the VISO smart terminals, retailers can receive payments from customers in their local currency and the customers can use crypto, e-wallets or bank cards to make transactions.

The VISO terminals accept cryptocurrency via their VISO Wallet and VISO exchange. Crypto is accepted and then converted to the merchants’ selected native currency through the VISO exchange. This is especially beneficial for the residents of the countries, where the use of cryptocurrencies is forbidden, as the sale itself takes place in national currency, keeping in line with the law.

This extraordinary technology has proven itself to be worth paying attention to, after a successful Pre-Sale in November, 2017. The main ITO is currently running and will finish on March 15th, 2018.

The company’s token, VITO, has managed to raise 1 Million USD so far, and there will be the first roll out of the VISO SMART terminals come in March 2018. With this, also comes the launch of their electronic wallet, plastic VISO cards using Visa or Mastercard technologies and so much more. It could be a quiet revolution that will set off a huge new boom for businesses and consumers the world over.

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