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BitSport Blockchain Platform Bridges eSports and DeFi, BFI Token Presale is Now On

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by Kseniia Klichova · 3 min read
BitSport Blockchain Platform Bridges eSports and DeFi, BFI Token Presale is Now On
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2020 has been a transitional year for many industries, with some struggling under the strain of COVID restrictions while others have been afforded a new found space to flourish. Two industries that have experienced growth due to global events this year are DeFi and eSports gaming. 

At the beginning of 2020, the total Decentralized Finance market was worth $680 million USD. Today the very same market is worth a staggering $6.68 billion, equating to almost 1000% growth in under a year. Although not as drastic as DeFi, the global eSports gaming industry has also taken leaps forward this year, and is poised to reach $1.6 billion over the next 3 years, with the total gaming market set to reach $200 billion.

BitSport eSports Ecosystem

One company that has recognised the potential in marrying these two industries is BitSport, a decentralized eSports platform looking to create an opportunity for players who want to monetize their gaming skills. The London-based eSports platform has a revolutionary ecosystem in which anyone can sponsor individual gamers, eSports events, and tournaments for cryptocurrency winings.

BitSports platform uses their in-house BTP token that can be staked by users for P2P matches and challenges. The platform will host various events, including 4 seasonal tournaments in different regions each year. The tournaments will be streamed via leading platforms to millions of viewers around the world.


BitSport is one of the first ever Peer to Peer Blockchain driven competitive eSports platforms opening up several monetization avenues for Gaming and eSports in a competitive and decentralized fashion.

Staked platform funds are locked safely in a smart contract at the start of an event, with profits then distributed amongst the sponsorship pool participants and the winning gamer/s at the end of the event. The Platform also uses transparent escrow that resolves any potential player disputes fairly.

DeFi Gaming

The platform enables anyone to be a part of the DeFi wave and earn from investing tokens, or sponsoring players, events, and tournaments. Users of the platform can sponsor their favourite eSports player, by staking native BFI tokens, or stable coins (like DAI and USDT) in a pool with other platform users to farm more BFI. Sponsoring extends far beyond the player on BitSport though. Users can back specific tournaments and challenges with others to farm both BFI and BTP tokens.

To further collaborate with DeFi users and create greater access to BFI tokens, BitSport have enabled automatic swaps on DeFi token swap platforms for stable coins such as DAI, USDT and USDC. By increasing interoperability and access to all of these digital currencies BitSport aims to grow their ecosystem, community, and increase synergy with DeFi token users and gamers alike.

BFI Token Presale

The driving token behind the eSports ecosystem is the native BFI token. BitSport have actively limited the token supply to 57,000 BFI, with only 20,000 of those available in the current presale. In doing this the platform protects the token from inflation, coin dumping, and encourages token value appreciation over time.

To take part in the presale you can connect a MetaMask, BinanceWallet, Ledger, Trezor, WalletConnect or Coinbase wallet to Bounce.Finance today and buy BFI tokens at a current discount of 10%. Following the presale the BFI token will be available for trading on leading exchanges UniSwap and HotBit from the 21st of December, 2020.

Having the BFI token listed on popular exchanges like UniSwap and HotBit will quickly bring more attention to the token, and creates more of an opportunity for investors and traders to promote the platform as token trading increases.

To enter the future of DeFi and Gaming, pick up BFI today on Bounce.Finance.

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