Blockchain-Based Social Network Matchpool Releases Alpha Version

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Blockchain-Based Social Network Matchpool Releases Alpha Version
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Matchpool team is planning to use the feedback to further advance the platform.

Matchpool announces the launch of alpha version of Its blockchain-based Matchmaking platform. Having conducted a successful ICO earlier this year and having raised $5.7 million, Matchpool now rolls out the platform for public testing hoping to use the feedback to further advance the solution.

Israeli-based startup expects that final version of the platform will provide strong competition to Facebook, Slack and even dating apps.

Matchpool is a unique social network built on Ethereum. Matchpool members use specific currency Guppy tokens (GUP) inside the platform. They get revenue in GUP for matchmaking people together, can use the currency to gain access or subscribe to pay-walled groups (pools), and can purchase content created by other users on the platform.

Guppies remained tradable on exchanges and managed to accumulate liquidity with new investors.

Matchpool team targets to offer space for like-minded people to get together and additionally get benefits if they make the match possible. The Alpha version offers basic functionality of a social platform allowing users to create their own community pools, which are in fact midway between Slack channels and Facebook groups.

“The pools themselves can be dedicated to virtually anything, and therefore, bring people together accordingly with their shared interests. Further down the line, we will offer developers the opportunity to develop custom DApplets, which will provide pool owners with add ons for their communities. Developers can earn from transactions via DApplets they create”, Ben Shimon and Max Richardson, the founders of Matchpool, say.

As for now, Matchpool members can:

  • Create their own pools or explore pools created by other Matchpool members
  • Make membership in a pool paid or free-of-charge
  • Link pools to geographic locations
  • Share their own content via common newsfeed in a pool
  • Instant messaging
  • Choose whether to accept or decline membership requests
  • Create discussions within a pool

The team is planning to add more options by the release of beta version. The exact date hasn’t been scheduled so far as it will mostly depend on the results of the alpha version public testing. Most likely, it will take place in about several months.

“Alpha version will enable community leaders to engage their communities in a better way. With some stakeholders of the entertainment industry on board, we also invite other influencers to use Matchpool as a tool for engagement of their fan communities”, Mr. Ben Shimon states.

Matchpool team welcomes everyone to visit to test the platform and leave the feedback.

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