Blocto and Yahoo Taiwan Collaborate for NFT Store

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Blocto and Yahoo Taiwan Collaborate for NFT Store
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Yahoo Taiwan also plans to engage local brands and nonprofits for NFT releases. 

Yahoo Taiwan and Blocto cryptocurrency wallet have announced a partnership for what is set to be the first NFT store for Yahoo in Asia. The NFT marketplace is set to launch at the end of the month. Its first collection will feature the Yahoo Taiwan mascot “A-Hoo”. A-Hoo NFT holders will be able to trade on Blocto’s NFT marketplace BloctoBay.

Commenting on the deal, Hsuan Lee, CEO at portto said:

“Blocto has a lot of experiences in the deep blockchain cooperation with large enterprises, from Vault by CNN, MotoGP Ignition to Yahoo Taiwan. With our expertise in blockchain technology, Blocto is creating this platform with Yahoo Taiwan so anyone can own and collect NFTs like “A-Hoo” as easy as shopping on any e-Commerce platform.”

Improving NFT Quality by Careful Curation

The world of NFTs is currently saturated by low-quality NFT projects and outright scams. This makes finding high-value projects a tedious task. To counter this, all creators in the new will be carefully scrutinied and approved by Yahoo Taiwan.

This is a feature that could potentially give the Blocto/Yahoo Taiwan NFT store an edge over industry giants such as Binance, Coinbase and FTX.

Another feature is a fiat payment gateway that will allow users to make purchases with fiat currency. A credit card option will be available initially, pending the addition of more fiat payment options. The store will also offer “reasonable pricing” for its curated NFT products. In addition, owners of select NFTs from the store will be in line for exclusive rewards in Yahoo Taiwan’s points program. They will also have purchasing priority in limited offers and sales.

Yahoo High Web Traffic and the Explosive NFT Trade Volume

Blockchain adoption has been on the rise in the last two years. The increase in use cases such as DeFi and dApps has played a major role in this. NFTs however, were largely responsible for the seven-fold increase in blockchain usage last year. According to DappRadar NFT trade volume had reached $23 billion. In fact, some of the most popular dApps are for NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Atomic Market, and Solanart.

Taking advantage of its high web traffic and cross-platform resources, Yahoo Taiwan seeks to optimise user experience by continued innovation. The red-hot NFT world seems like a good place to start.

Chen-Te Lin, VP of Taiwan E-Commerce and Regional Products at Yahoo expressed these sentiments,

“By collaborating with Crypto wallet Blocto and leveraging Yahoo Taiwan’s advantages in media and e-commerce to launch Yahoo Taiwan NFT Store, Yahoo Taiwan is making NFTs accessible to all and creating a channel where local creators can expand their venture into NFTs.”

Yahoo Taiwan also plans to engage local brands and nonprofits for NFT releases.

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