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BMW’s New Driverless Car Is a ‘Space Where Everything Can Be Done With Ease’

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by Christopher Hamman · 3 min read

BMW’s recent ad suggested that anything can happen in driverless cars, even sex. Is this the case? What is the future of driverless cars anyway? Are self-driving cars a reality today?

Companies like Tesla may be inventing driverless cars for well, being driverless. BMW, on the other hand, may have other ideas. On a serious note, BMW has taken the driverless car issue to a whole new level where everything can be done: even having a few hot minutes with someone!

In its racy, twitter ad (which is already deleted, why?), BMW seemed to imply that sexual activity will be one of the cool things that will be happening all the time in driverless cars. “A space where everything can be done with ease,” the company wrote yesterday.

While that may be happening, it should not be the focus of driverless cars which are ultimately going to come into existence whichever way anyone considers it. With the ad introducing the carmakers’ vision iNext concept car, it appears to link the couple who appear like they have some steamy moments inside the car with police who want to investigate what is going on.

It is quite intriguing for an ad but it does capture attention! Next-generation concept cars designed by manufacturers such as BMW hare making some to see far beyond some of the cool stuff that we all admire at the moment.

And that’s what exactly the iNext ad wanted to achieve. The iNext concept car was unveiled last year and some pretty fancy moves were featured at the Los Angeles auto show.

Are Driverless Cars Fact or Still in the Realm of Science Fiction?

Driverless cars or at least cars with some self-driving features are within the realm of reality. Already, we have self-parking cars which are more of a reality these days. No one knew a decade before now that we will be able to get such features that which are commercially available.

Car models such as the Tesla Model S, the Ford Fiesta, Nissan leaf, certain versions of the Mercedes C class and the new BMW 5 series are cars with superb self-parking capabilities.

Already Alphabet’s Waymo is building a concept car that can drive itself. But Alphabet is being notoriously secretive about its concept self-driving car. Tesla, however, isn’t. The Tesla Model 3 which has already been introduced to commercial markets drives itself autonomously to a certain degree.

While self-driving cars have been hailed as a move in the right direction, many skeptics have their fears about the cars and the issues that come with automation using artificial intelligence.

Many wonder if cars would be able to make those instinct-based fast-paced decisions which need to be made on the go and can be the difference between life and death. This is why the few self-driving cars that exist currently aren’t being adopted en masse by the general public.

A such, most people shy away from the arguments that self-driving cars would make streets safer as artificial intelligence makes decisions based on data and not on emotion.

To dispel such fears based mostly on paranoia about new technologies, companies such as Getcruise are working with self-driving car manufacturers to make sure that data is available for cars to make decisions. Using location-based data from cities, individuals and the like, get cruise is creating solutions that will make the all-encompassing experience in self-driving cars more of a reality that works within the limits of safety.

This, of course, might just make BMW’s iNext Concept car ad scenario a reality. However, such a scenario may be unlikely as driverless cars may have not the required privacy. That of course, is another story for another day.

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