BNB Chain Reveals Basic Principles, Features and Roadmap for Its Greenfield Decentralized Storage Network

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BNB Chain Reveals Basic Principles, Features and Roadmap for Its Greenfield Decentralized Storage Network
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The recent updates for BNB Greenfield contains extensive details on its roadmap, basic principles, and features that support AI adoption.

BNB Chain has published an official tech roadmap for BNB Greenfield, a decentralized storage network for data decentralized applications (dApp) operating in the BNB ecosystem. The roadmap contains several interesting developments that combine Web2 performance and Web3 features to improve user experience.

Basic Principles and Features of the BNB Greenfield Roadmap

BNB Chain created the Greenfield roadmap based on three design principles. The first is for the blockchain to have such high performance that it competes favorably with most Web2 offerings. This way, transactions, and other on-chain activities are processed faster. While ensuring that the blockchain is high-performance, the second design principle – a simplified development experience – guarantees that the Greenfield platform is user-friendly and accessible. This way, navigating BNB Greenfield will be easy for developers regardless of experience level.

The third principle is that while BNB Greenfield is a BNB Chain platform, it functions as a multi-chain network. Developers would be able to create multiple blockchains and design projects with seamless interaction between dApps on different blockchains. In addition to this interaction, users will also enjoy several other cross-chain services.

The Roadmap describes extensive features tied to each of these principles. For instance, the high-performance principle seeks to significantly improve transaction speed. With the current download and upload speeds at 20MB/s and 2MB/s, respectively, the aim is to 5x these numbers. In addition, there is a bundle service for data handling, which allows users to organize multiple data files into single blockchain objects for better processing.

The second principle offers improved storage features, like sorting and organizing data using tags. These tags help users move and update large amounts of data without confusion. For the third principle, the exciting feature is cross-chain programmability. This gives smart contracts more flexibility as they currently do not allow others to use their resources. BNB Greenfield solves this problem by introducing a cross-chain permission module.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Stability, and Network Governance

All of BNB Greenfield’s features lay the groundwork for AI adoption. The decentralization, innovation, and transparency enjoyable on BNB Greenfield are features that facilitate AI adoption and create an enabling environment for AI and Web3 integration.

The overarching aim is to ensure that access and use of BNB Greenfield is easy and affordable for all interested parties, including developers, storage providers, and regular users. Storage providers will enjoy “lightweight architecture”, with low computational requirements, sparse device footprint on the network, and reduced energy consumption. Despite all of that, BNB Greenfield has a simple exit process for all storage providers who would like to withdraw their deposits and exit the platform.

The specific Roadmap for BNB Greenfield will see the platform begin in Q4 this year by simplifying the exit process for storage providers and enabling features that allow smart contracts to function as “resource owners”, for robust permission control. The next course of action is to improve storage provider performance while increasing upload and download speeds by 5x in Q2/Q3 2024. The Web3 AI adoption comes next and may stretch past 2024.

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