Brave Browser Now Allows to Earn from Tweets and Reddit Posts

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
Brave Browser Now Allows to Earn from Tweets and Reddit Posts
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Famous ad-blocker and privacy defender, a blockchain-based browser Brave now adds a tipping service available for Twitter and Twitch streamers.

The fact does stand: online advertising has ambiguous impact on the web. It gave a raise to such internet giants as Google and Facebook that used the funds collected from advertisers for maintenance and further project’s development. Yet, on the other side of spectrum comes the violation of users’ privacy and an endless array of pop-up windows tracking one down everywhere.

Publishers and advisers are ready to spend lots of money on users’ personal data that give a key to customers’ preferences and therefore make more profit. Consequently, nowadays hardly anyone can browse the web without some ad blocking system, as websites are rife with ads and an accompanying tracking software slowing down upload speed while profiling users’ behavior.

Brave is the first blockchain-based browser that block ads by default and at the same time earn cryptos rewarding users for opting-in to ads harmless to users’ data. The game-changing browser developed under the supervision of Javascript creator and Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich aims to distribute above 70 percent of advertising revenue amidst users owing the browser’s native token Basic Attention Token (BAT).

By now, BAT is actively used to send tips to website publishers, YouTube stars and Twitch videogame streamers who provide high quality content popular around the web. According to the announcement made the other day, Brave is going to add Reddit and Twitter support for the fourth quarter of the year.

After manually enabling the payment system through the browser’s settings page, users will be able to link their social media accounts to their in-browser BAT wallets and both tip and accept tips from other users.

Providing an explanation to the rolling out feature, Brave said:

“The model will be tipping — a user likes a tweet and can give BAT to the tweeter, and optionally tweet back that he tipped.”

Twitch streamers and YouTube channel operators, along with website owners, can already register as Brave publishers, allowing them to accept BAT payments from their viewers, readers, or fans. Users seeking to reward publishers for quality content can either manually set monthly contributions for individual sites or allow Brave to divide their monthly contribution automatically based on the amount of time that they spent consuming each publisher’s content.

Recently Coinspeaker reported Brave had reached 3 million monthly active users, and the browser is progressively moving towards the goal of 5 million users by this year-end. Along with an advanced level of privacy and maximum protection from an unwanted ads flow, the Brave browser attracts such an influx of users due to its ability to reward not only publishers and content creators but also content consumers delivering to them a slice of the revenue pie.

Previously Brave has launched a trial ads program giving users a chance to earn BAT tokens for viewing targeted advertisements. In the near future, BAT, if it works as Brave envisions, is going to offer a way to fulfill the ages-old dream of micropayments, an easy way to pay a small amount for some premium content.

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