Brave Browser to Offer BAT Wallets in Japan via Partnership with bitFlyer

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Brave Browser to Offer BAT Wallets in Japan via Partnership with bitFlyer
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The Brave Browser is set to offer Basic Attention Token (BAT) wallets on bitFlyer. It’s going to be Brave’s first cryptocurrency wallet partner in Japan.

Brave Browser will offer Basic Attention Token (BAT) wallets in Japan. Sources say that cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer has partnered with Brave Software International SEZC (Brave’s subsidiary). This partnership aims to offer Brave wallets to both Brave browser and bitlFlyer users as well.

bitFlyer is said to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Japan by volume. Brave Chief marketing Officer Ryotaro Chikaki has indicated that the wallets are already available outside Japan. He told sources:

“We decided to work with bitFlyer as they’re the largest exchange in Japan with high trust by users for its security standard,”

He continued:

“Also, they are one of the key players in crypto-asset and blockchain technology. For Brave, it was a natural choice to work with them to expand our ecosystem in Japan”.

Brave Browser Wallet Will be Listed on BitFlyer

bitFlyer also indicated in a statement that it was implementing Brave wallet in Japan. It noted that it had listed Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) in April. The privacy inclined browser hasn’t been without controversy. The team behind it has been accused of redirecting users to affiliate links that the company was making a profit from. This led to an apology by Brave CEO Brandon Bra.

Based on the Chromium browser, Brave is a project that has been implemented by Brave Software Inc. It was developed to be a privacy-inclined browser that doesn’t track users’ logs in any way, form or manner. It is also a part of the ecosystem that provides rewards for content creators.

Brave has been at the center of certain controversies concerning the receipt of the donations from content users. YouTube personality Tom Scott had in 2018 indicated that he didn’t receive any donations from the privacy-focused browser. The issues were resolved and Tom affirmed that the solutions fixed his complaints. Brave’s disputable inclusion of links had also drawn the ire of several contributors who divided the project. The name of the forked version was changed from the “Brave browser” to the “Bolder browser”.

Great Technology Sometimes Have Human Issues

Many issues that surround great technical projects have to do with their human administration. These projects start on an excellent note, however, then one thing leads to another. It has been one of the problems that the crypto space has had to deal with. No matter the technical skill, a similar amount of management skills must be available for technical projects to takeoff without controversy.

The Brave Browser project had in 2016 received investors from various parties including Founders Fund, Propel Venture Partners, Digital Currency Group. Pantera Capital, and Foundation Capital.

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