Canadians Win $30,000 Grand Prize at Bytom Global Development Conference

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Canadians Win $30,000 Grand Prize at Bytom Global Development Conference

Helping blockchain adoption by creating diverse assets and a programmable economy, Bytom recently held its 2019 Bytom Development Conference, giving a chance for blockchain and decentralized system developers to come forward and create practical use cases on the platform’s ecosystem.

2019 DevCon, Contestants and Winners

The 2019 Bytom DevCon (DevCon) was held in Fort Mason, San Francisco, United States. During the event, more than 50 teams from all over the world, including the US, India, Belgium, Russia, China and Brazil took part in it.

The teams were given a chance to develop practical use cases in which the Bytom ecosystem could be utilized. Out of the 50 entrants, 6 were announced as winners, who then went on to show a demonstration of their services.

Canadian team PeePaw were judged the winners for their development and demonstration of a micropayment system. For their effort, the team was awarded with USD 30,000 equivalent of BTM tokens.

The Development Conference follows the high tide set by Bytom’s initial event, which was held last year in China. The current event saw many a high-profile guest speaker, such as Naveed Ihsanullah, Head of Engineering at Algorand, Daniel Yan, Founding Partner of Matrixport, Darin Kotalik, Director of ETC Labs, Zera Alexander, VP of Engineering at Reserve and others.

Bystack by Bytom

Bystack is a unique Mainchain-Sidechain Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) that gives efficient collaborative working models with easy-to-use blockchain service and development tools for enterprise clients and developers. The main and sidechain combination makes it suitable for a wide range of applicable scenarios in multiple sectors and businesses.

Bystack has already seen the deployment of a sidechain that focuses on staking. It already has more than 40 partners on board. According to James Zhu, the VP of Engineering at Bytom, it will launch a decentralized ID system and development center along with dApp Development Framework and even a Decentralized Personal Credit Solution.

Wei Wang, BBFT presenter at the conference, highlighted the performance of the Bystack sidechain. He said that with the help of the BBFT consensus system, Bystack sidechain can achieve an astounding 20,000 transactions per second (TPS) with the execution time per transaction as low as 0.6 seconds.

Bytom’s official mining pool service, MATPool’s CTO, Lei Jin also illustrated the Mining as a Service (MaaS), where it will help solve the resources allocation and silo isolation by connecting demand and supply of GPU power.

Expert Views on Blockchain

Bytom’s 2019 DevCon was attended by a range of industry leaders and they were given a chance to voice their opinion and share views on the blockchain industry. Business Director Sili Zhao from Infstone encouraged developers to look into different applications of the technology apart from the usual banking.

Naveed Ihsanullah also spoke on the mass adoption of blockchain, but he said that it would increase when the underlying decentralized technology hype would wane off, but still be in use. Cecillia Li, the Investment /Partnership Director of OKcoin said that it does not matter what kind of an asset needs to be tokenized, as long as it has value.

The 2019 Bytom DevCon showed that the technology has multiple applications and uses and this sea is still largely unexplored, with hidden treasures just waiting to be claimed.

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