Call of Duty: Mobile Surpasses 170M Downloads and Brings $87M in 2 Months after Launch

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Call of Duty: Mobile Surpasses 170M Downloads and Brings $87M in 2 Months after Launch
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Call of Duty: Mobile that was rolled out by Activision Blizzard reached 170 million downloads in two months after setting a record of 100 million in one week.

Nowadays it is becoming more and more popular to play games on your mobile device, rather than your PC. And it’s nothing strange since mobile phones are today more developed than ever. One of these popular games is rolled out by Activision Blizzard. It is Call of Duty: Mobile that has recently, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates, brought in around $87 million in global player spending and more than 172 million downloads in only two months of its existence.

Even though there were previous versions of Call of Duty mobile games before, still, neither of them has ever was purchased in this amount. The title, developed by TiMi Studios and Tencent, got to record-breaking 100 million in just the first week. However, as per Sensor Tower, that swiftness has slowed since then. In November, the game had around 21 million installs that is indeed pretty much less than almost 146 million that was purchased in October.

The game has been a hit particularly in the United States, where it had been installed approximately 28.5 million times, making it 16.6% of all downloads. India came in second with 17.5 million installs or 10.2%, and Brazil landed on the third spot with 12 million installs, or 7%.

Most of the downloads were made through Google Play, somewhat more than 89 million, or 52%. The iOS version, on the other hand, assembled around 83 million downloads, or 48%.

Call of Duty: Mobile gathered most of its revenue in October, earning $55 million in comparison to around $31 million made in November. Players said it is pretty much easy to navigate and shoot on a touchscreen. However, they argue about the game not supporting a Bluetooth controller but this is probably made because it would be too hard for touchscreen players to fight with someone who has a game controller.

For early players there are many bots presented that helps the user get accommodated earlier and get accustomed to the first-person shooter fighting. It’s also worth knowing that Call of Duty: Mobile perfectly captures elements from all across the Call of Duty franchise in order to make a shooter for handheld devices. New content, including the recently added zombies mode, is also keeping players immensely hatched on a first-person shooter.

United States and Great Britain among the Biggest Spenders

The U.S. took again the largest share of the revenue, with players there spending over $36 million, or 42% of the total. Japanese players were the second biggest, spending more than $11 million, or 13.2%, while Great Britain came to a third spot earning countries with $2.6 million, or 3%.

Most of these earnings came from the App Store, which gathered more than $51 million, or 59.2% of the total. In the meantime, Google Play accounted for more than $35 million, or 40.7%.

Even though spending in the game has decreased since its post-launch records, it is constantly classified in the top 25 earning titles in its crucial markets. With new characteristics and content beginning to roll out much faster, there will probably be even more heights in grossing during the next few months. As per Sensor Tower, for now, Call of Duty: Mobile still represents one of the most successful examples of shifting a major console and PC property to mobile.

Activision Blizzard Stock

In the other news, Activision Blizzard, Inc. stock saw a double-digit share price rise of over 10% in the past couple of months. It ended Wednesday’s trading with the fall of 1.30% to $53.88 being still a bit overvalued by approximately 20% at the moment.

This price of around $54 is much higher than the stock value observed in June when ATVI was trading for approximately $40. So, now we can say that today’s figure is close to the highest price this year.

However, even though it is so, stocks are very far away from their all-time high of $83.39 in October 2018. But by the end of 2018, their price fell down to $47 and since that time it hasn’t managed to restore its previous value.

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