Can Ethereum Survive Crypto Animals Invasion?

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
Can Ethereum Survive Crypto Animals Invasion?
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Based on Ethereum smart contracts, the new Fishbank game is expected to educate a wide range of users on how to use cryptocurrency and virtual wallet

Ethereum withstood the tremendous wave of ICOs in the mid of the year to be congested by nice tiny kitties in the end. What can be worse? An army of CryptoKitties clones are already evolving on the stage.

The first challenge is the new game Fishbank that is to be released on Ethereum smart contracts on January 28th, 2018. Unlike cute kitties breeding, the gameplay represents aggressive PvP (player-versus-player) brought to P2P (peer-to-peer) distributed ledger environment. This may remind a classic fish-fight battle game called “Piranha”, where every player grows a fish with the sole aim to attack others. The winner bites an opponent’s piece and becomes larger.

In Fishbank, players would bite a piece of crypto tokens to grow their own non-fungible fish asset that can then be traded freely on the global market like any other cryptocurrency. Every fish represents a digital ERC-721 token that is distributed in blockchain and that way is owned only by player. No one can destroy or diminish it. What is more important, game economy can’t be influenced by developers as there is no instrument to change game balance after smart contracts are deployed and game is launched.

Three are three ways to obtain a fish: invite a friend (before the game actually starts), try to catch one in Aquarium for a small fee in Ether or buy it from other players on the Market. The thing is that when catching a fish in Aquarium you never know what you’ll get — depending on chance, player may obtain a Common, Rare, Legendary or Epic fish. The only way to get the fish you want is to acquire it from other players.

Taking into account the fast growing community around the game (aprox. 2 000 members across all Telegram groups, Wechat, QQ and Discord), the project may become really huge soon. Moreover, it has attracted more than 80 000 players that are already on board for Alpha.

Fishbank is currently at “Alpha Bounty” stage that offers a ticket to participate in Alpha version for those who help to spread the word about the project. Early participants will be able to check game mechanics and find a strategy on how to beat everybody in Stable release. Developers told us that more than 5000 crypto fish tokens had been rewarded, but only 1000 of them will be transferred to Stable after being chosen in the fair fight.

For those who don’t want to invite their friends there will be an opportunity to preorder a crypto fish token to play in Alpha and Stable release that will start on January 12th, 2018. Initial crypto fish prices may vary from 0.01 ETH up to 5 ETH for the Legendary one for preorder.

In order to play the game user must have Chrome or Firefox browser installed with MetaMask extension on it and some Ether as well. Every game action that runs smart contracts requires gas to complete transaction in Ethereum network.

The team behind the game, called “Chatrobotic”, is not a newbie in gamefication of extraordinary environments and has in operation three popular games for messengers (Telegram, Kik and Facebook platforms) with more than 500 thousands players worldwide and 2.5 million daily requests.

We believe that emerging dApps is an extremely important iteration of Ethereum network development. While being in a form of a funny game, Fishbank teaches players to use crypto digital wallets, what is good for everyone.

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