The latest news from FinTech companies.

Popular Asian Messaging App Line Expands into Cashless Payments and FinTech
April 1st, 2019

Line, one of the most popular messaging apps in Japan and other Asian countries, is going to expand its business into e-payments and other fintech services.

DeFi is Growing into the Next Generation of the Crypto Revolution
April 1st, 2019

The movement around decentralized finance (DeFi) is gaining swift traction, and many believe that it’s DeFi that will dominate blockchain space. Let’s find out what it is and why DeFi is such a big deal for the crypto community.

Apple (AAPL) Stock Movement Makes Investors Jittery as Judge Calls for iPhone Ban
March 27th, 2019

On Tuesday, a Judge from the International Trade Commission charged Apple of infringing the Qualcomm patent. The final decision from the ITC will come by July 18.

Apple Makes a Half-Hearted Attempt in FinTech, Announces Apple Card
March 26th, 2019

Apple ultimately plans a major disruption in the financial sector by introducing its new Apple Card that comes with interesting new features and machine learning smarts. However, it seems that Apple could have done much more.

VISA Fintech is Building VISA Crypto Team Recruiting Experts
March 18th, 2019

Few months ago, we were witnessing the warnings from analysts that Visa and Paypal will possibly be squeezed out from the market from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Be as it may for Paypal, but VISA Inc. is building a new “Crypto Team”.

Google Agrees to Pay a Whole Bunch of Money to Cover Up Sexual Harassments
March 12th, 2019

A shareholder complaint has been recently filed to the court claiming that Google made payouts to two former executives who had been accused of sexual harassment.

Football and FinTech: eToro Set to Lead the Revolution
March 4th, 2019

Step by step cryptocurrency and blockchain are entering the football industry. And eToro believes that it is just a very beginning of their journey in the sports world.

Lending Fintech SoFi Moves into Crypto Through a Partnership with Coinbase
February 27th, 2019

Having entered in a partnership with Coinbase, fintech startup SoFi is going to launch crypto trading services which are said to become available by the second quarter of 2019.

Ripple’s xRapid Beats SWIFT as It’s Becoming Obsolete, Says Mercury FX CEO
February 23rd, 2019

Besides faster and low-cost global transactions, the CEO praises the ease of use of Ripple’s xRapid solution in making cross-border payments.

A Look at Some of the Biggest Stories Happening in the Crypto World
February 5th, 2019

In this guest post, Max Hasselhoff, integration engineer from Bytecoin and long-standing crypto enthusiast, takes a look at some of the biggest stories happening in the sphere of crypto technology integration.