Cere Network Raises $3.5 Million to Build ‘the First Decentralised CRM Solution’

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Cere Network Raises $3.5 Million to Build ‘the First Decentralised CRM Solution’
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A recent Binance Labs participant, Cere Network, is designing blockchain CRM software to compete with giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce.

Binance Labs, together with a row of other prominent financials, including Fenbushi Capital, Neo Global Capital, Arrington XRP, is investing $3.5 million in blockchain-focused Customer Relationship Management (CRM) startup, anticipating to unite enterprise giant names onto the Binance Chain and intensify enterprise blockchain acceptance.

So far Cere Network, a former participant of Binance‘s incubator program Binance Labs has already wooed numerous users, including a trucking company that has 200,000 clients as well as a cosmetics firm. The project’s present CRM solutions enroll consumers’ data on its proprietary blockchain; however, it will soon merge with the Binance Chain. This indicates that enterprises accepting a decision to use Cere Network will be indirectly utilizing blockchain services of Binance.

Bringing Real-World Brand to Binance

Cere Network co-founder Kenzi Wang explained the team’s views on cooperation with Binance the following way:

“We can bring a lot of real-world brand to Binance, so they see it as a long term play integrating with us, and they chose to work with us and incubate us.”

Cere Network is attempting to disrupt the CRM space, which is considered as one of the most competitive and lucrative software categories resting on market cap worth $48.2 billion by last year. With Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce as its main competitors, Cere Network are attempting to anchorage its benefit as a blockchain native company to position this latest technology in this software industry speedily.

“Salesforce has its own blockchain initiative built on Hyperledger…but their technology is a year behind us. The solution is in the past because they are not blockchain experts like us,” noted the startup’s co-founder.

The First Decentralised CRM Solution

Purporting to be “the first decentralized CRM solution,” Cere Network anticipates accelerating the tailwind of businesses becoming more attracted in the emerging blockchain technology. Wang observed that after social media powerhouse, Facebook revealed Libra, a wide range of firms have started feeling “a little bit (FOMO) Fear of Missing Out by blockchain technology.”

He further said:

“When Facebook is going all into the blockchain, it forces the hands for all the other enterprises in America or the World. I wouldn`t be surprised if Twitter is working on something very similar, and Oracle and Microsoft are launching something. It`s gonna become a trend. “

Similar ideas can be proved by the officially conducted studies. For example, a recent survey held by Deloitte revealed that 53% of senior executives believe that blockchain had become a force to reckon with for their business in 2019, while 86% are fully convinced that this nascent technology will attain mainstream acceptance.

With a closed $3.5 million seed round by Cere Network, the company plans to roll out its mainnet soon as well as to boost its marketing strategy.

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