CES 2020: Sony Unveils Its Electric Concept Car Vision-S

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CES 2020: Sony Unveils Its Electric Concept Car Vision-S
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With its new electric concept car, Sony has managed to make a huge surprise for the entire audience of the Consumer Electronics Show.

Right from making camera lenses, smartphones, to now making cars. Yes, this is the journey of Japanese tech giant Sony that has recently unveiled its electric concept car at the CES 2020 event.

The automobile industry is undergoing a sea change with the massive technological transformation taking place. Thus, Sony plans to cash this opportunity by showcasing its technological prowess. On Tuesday, January 7, the tech giant presented its electric concept car called the Sony Vision-S.

The major reason behind elaborating this concept is to highlight Sony’s technological prowess in making smart sensors along with the in-car entertainment technologies. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Sony unveiled the Vision-S concept car in partnership with Genetex, Bosch, Nvidia, Continental, and Magna.

Since long, Sony has been working on in-car infotainment systems. However, now it plans to take this game and the industry to the next level. Sony’s Vision-S car boasts an ultrawide dashboard screen showing advanced driver-assistance systems or infotainment systems.

Speaking to BBC, Bob O’Donnell, from Technalysis Research, said:

“It was quite a shock, to be honest with you. It highlights how the company is reinventing itself”. Sony’s chief executive Kenichiro Yoshida also assured that the Japanese tech giant will accelerate its efforts “to contribute to the future of mobility”.

Sony’s Vision-S Concept Car Features

The concept car explains the skateboard concept wherein heavy battery resides at the bottom of the car for stability improvements. The Vision-S car hosts a total of 33 sensors inside and outside the car. The sensors located outside the car will analyze the road conditions at the front and also detect pedestrians nearby.

The Vision-S is a four-seater car wherein each seat comes with a dedicated set of speakers in the headrest. Sony calls it a 360 Reality Audio that offers a “deep and immersive experience … to encapsulate passengers in sound”. Furthermore, the driver will get navigation and safety assistance on-board.

Machine-to-Machine Crypto Payments Will Be Possible?

In addition to Sony, other major tech companies are thinking on similar grounds about the transformation in the automobile industry. The Sony Vision-S car also boasts the ability to wirelessly communicate with other cars on the street. This electric concept car also shows features like making toll payments directly from the wallet. Meaning, crypto payments could also be possibly integrated in the future.

Note that this is just a concept model at this stage and not sure will launch this car in the market. However, it clearly highlights the future of mobility as the automobile industry is transforming on a big scale.

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