Chinese Smartphone Producer Xiaomi Launches First EV

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Chinese Smartphone Producer Xiaomi Launches First EV
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The sale of the newly launched Xiaomi EV will officially kick start next year at an undisclosed date.

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi has made a foray into electric vehicle (EV) technology with the launch of its Xiaomi SU7, aiming to compete with global brands like Tesla and Porsche.

The company’s billionaire co-founder Lei Jun initially teased the inaugural vehicle on Tuesday, noting that the car will be officially unveiled at the XiaomiEVTechnologyLaunch today on December 28.

The event is anticipated to last for three hours and Jin plans to provide a comprehensive overview of the newly launched Xiaomi SU7.

Speed Ultra

During the event today, the company said the name Xiaomi SU7 stands for “Speed Ultra”, noting that the electric car is going to be a performance beast.

“Our first car reflects our vision for car manufacturing: technology x ecosystem, advanced mobile smart space. So, Xiaomi SU7 is a high-performance tech ecosystem sedan,” Jun said.

The Xiaomi SU7 is an electric sedan built with four doors with dimensions of 4,997 mm in length, 1,963 mm in width, and a maximum height of 1,455 mm. It boasts a wheelbase measuring 3,000 mm. Upon launch, the SU7 will be available in two configurations, differing in the energy storage capacity of its battery.

Xiaomi said it spent over 10 billion yuan worth approximately $1.4 billion to develop the vehicle. Currently, Xiaomi SU7 “is in trial production and will hit the domestic market in a few months.”

During a presentation today at the XiaomiEVTechnologyLaunch, Jun said that Xiaomi’s new car beats Porsche’s Taycan and Tesla’s Model S on acceleration and other metrics.

While describing the impressive qualities of the car, the company’s co-founder said that it was designed by former BMW and Mercedes Benz employees. According to him, the EV vehicle was inspired by extensive user research to fulfill different needs of customers.

Xiaomi to Begin Sales of EV Car Next Year

The sale of the newly launched car will officially kick start next year at an undisclosed date. The car has been in development for more than three years.

This time frame coincides with the surge of electric vehicles in China’s fiercely competitive market, prompting domestic automakers to distinguish their products through ambitious integration of car-compatible technology.

Jun said on Thursday that the SU7 will be integrated with Xiaomi’s smartphones and internet-connected home appliances.  He highlighted the company’s commitment to maintaining data privacy across the devices and emphasized the vehicle’s compliance with safety standards in the United States for rear-end collisions.

The Xiaomi chief further disclosed that SU7 would be compatible with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, CarPlay, and AirPlay.

Meanwhile, despite widespread speculation about Apple’s plans to release a car, the US giant has not yet entered the automotive market.

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