Circle Partners OVERDARE to Revolutionize Mobile UGC Gaming Experience

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Circle Partners OVERDARE to Revolutionize Mobile UGC Gaming Experience
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The partnership will see OVERDARE roll out a new UGC mobile gaming platform for users to play their favorite games in Web3.

Circle Internet Financial, a crypto-native financial services company known for its USDC stablecoin, has signed a strategic partnership with OVERDARE, an NFT-focused platform, to redefine the world of mobile user-generated content (UGC) gaming.

In an official announcement on Monday, the stablecoin issuer said the collaboration with OVERDARE, backed by South Korean gaming and metaverse giants Krafton and Naver Z Corporation, aims to enhance the mobile gaming experience for creators and players in the metaverse.

OVERDARE  to Revolutionize Asset Management for Creators

The collaboration will introduce a range of new features, including the integration of Circle’s Programmable Wallets. These wallets will enable content creators to easily develop secure in-game Web3 wallets and receive USDC payouts directly on the platform.

OVERDARE plans to revolutionize IP and income management for creators by implementing Circle’s Programmable Wallets for IP trading and USDC revenue payouts.

The move aims to facilitate the transition of creators from traditional Web2 platforms to Web3, focusing on user-friendly asset management and secure transactions. Furthermore, the initiative is expected to open up new opportunities for creators in the metaverse and gaming sectors.

In addition, OVERDARE will integrate USDC as an alternate means for creators to generate revenue and settle transactions. The initiative will allow creators worldwide to benefit from reduced settlement fees and near-instant 24/7 payment processing, providing them with greater flexibility and access to their earnings.

“Circle is excited to be at the forefront of this pioneering venture with OVERDARE to empower the creator economy through the provision of secure Web3 wallets and near-instant USDC payouts on a global scale. We believe this partnership will be a catalyst in shaping the future of digital entertainment, ultimately fostering an innovative Web3 environment for all,” said Jeremy Allaire, Circle’s CEO.

OVERDARE  to Roll Out New Gaming Platform

The partnership will also see OVERDARE roll out a new UGC mobile gaming platform for users to play their favorite games in Web3. The new venture is named after the company “OVERDARE”, offering a suite of advanced AI-generative tools and features.

The platform promises users an immersive and personalized gaming experience for both creators and players. The platform is scheduled to debut globally later this year.

In addition to the gaming platform, the South Korean company plans to introduce an “OVERDARE Studio”, a PC-based creative suite that will allow creators to build and personalize gaming experiences within the platform.

To further enhance the creator-centric ecosystem, OVERDARE will integrate the Settlus network, a layer-1 blockchain network within the Cosmos ecosystem, designed to simplify interoperability between different blockchains and maintain a clear record of digital asset transactions.

The integration will streamline the licensing of interactive content, allowing creators to prove asset ownership, license, and monetize their creations on the blockchain.

OVERDARE CEO Henry Park said that Circle’s support enables the company to empower the creator economy and provide creators with dependable access to their earnings.

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