Coinbase Will Now Accept Dogecoin on Its E-commerce Platform

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Coinbase Will Now Accept Dogecoin on Its E-commerce Platform
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Coinbase Commerce that deals with simplifying crypto payments for merchants all over the world will now start accepting Dogecoin on their official platform.

Coinbase has begun accepting Dogecoin on its e-commerce platform. Dogecoin will become the sixth cryptocurrency to have been incorporated in the list of accepted cryptos hosted by the e-commerce division of Coinbase.

Coinbase is the world’s leading platform that facilitates investment and trading in cryptocurrencies. Coinbase commerce was primarily begun to assist users in conducting payments using crypto for different market transactions. The company has recently registered Dogecoin as a legitimate cryptocurrency on their network through which users will easily be able to execute their payments.

Coinbase Commerce to Support Dogecoin to Boost Sales

Coinbase will now include Dogecoin as a viable source of payment on their e-commerce platform to expand their work network and increase user transactions. The company announced on Twitter that it will now be including Dogecoin on its e-commerce platform. Coinbase Commerce previously hosted five leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC+3.67%), Ether ( ETH+ 5.86%), Litecoin (LTC+ 4.41%) , USDC (0%) and BTC Cash (BCH+ 3.43%). The company will now comprise another leading crypto Doge in their list of accepted cryptos to amplify their work operations. 

Coinbase Commerce has been helping merchants all over the world to create secure websites and income channels that include payments to be accepted in cryptocurrencies. The venture has been gaining steady momentum and the company’s new endeavor to comprise Dogecoin will now allow the merchants to accept payments in meme coin.

The addition of Doge on Coinbase Commerce is said to add more power to the currency and assist in stimulating Doge to become accessible to the masses. This in turn will allow users and merchants to make routine transactions using Coinbase to generate plausible revenue. Users will also benefit from this feature as they will have access to six new cryptocurrencies to conduct their transactions with.

Being the newest addition to the world of cryptocurrency, Dogecoin has also accumulated credible popularity. Leaders such as billionaire Mark Cuban and Elon Musk have extended their support to Doge and have openly accepted payment for the same to boost its sale.

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