Coinbase Gains Google’s Business Shark Surojit Chatterjee for CPO Position

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Coinbase Gains Google’s Business Shark Surojit Chatterjee for CPO Position
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It has become known that Google’s former vice president and founder of Flipkart Surojit Chatterjee will join Coinbase as its chief product officer.

Surojit Chatterjee was working on Google apps for 11 years so far, helping the company handle payments, commercial questions and advertising. The talent made a significant impact on the inner workings of the corporation, considering that Coinbase wants to work with him. Google has thousands of workers all around the world.

However, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong picked the author of the Google Shopping project as the new CPO. People from over 90 countries are using GS today, making Surojit a valuable person both to the crypto space and traditional money transfer systems.

Since Jeremy Henrickson left the CPO position in December 2018, the seat was empty and Brian was looking for a replacement of proper size. It appears that Surojit will start handling the marketing stuff and public relations in a new way, previously unknown to Coinbase. Armstrong noted:

“Surojit is a huge asset here because we’re a product-led company. We have different leaders and they increasingly have responsibilities around P&L. Having one really experienced chief product officer that can mentor them and teach them to own revenues and budgets — really in the model of Google — that will professionalize Coinbase.”

Surojit thinks that cryptocurrencies won’t act as a cure, but may become a top profitable industry:

“I don’t think crypto is the end-all-be-all of our problems, but it’s a big piece of the puzzle… [Coinbase] will revolutionize global financial services in the same way that Google revolutionized the internet.”

New Product Officer Lived in India, Hates Centralized Currencies

The idea of separating money from banks and governments is one of the core ideas of blockchain. Chatterjee claims this idea is very relevant to his world view. When he was living in India, the government was destroying the economy with fake money and unprofessional regulation. The authorities in India are aware of cryptocurrencies, but instead of adoption, they generate hatred and bans.

While the national currency was progressing in its downgrades, Surojit, his family and friends kept losing money. This is something Americans or Europeans won’t understand in detail. Because dollar, pound, and euro are currencies that have no dependency from any ‘primary’ currency controlled by the outside government.

To imagine how it is, consider asking your parents how much money they spent on something while they were young and compare that price in dollars to the actual one. That kind of scary devaluation happens in the U.S. during decades. But only takes several months or even minutes in countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Turkey or Venezuela. Notably, many of those countries beat the trading records on the Localbitcoins P2P exchange website.

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