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Day 4 of 12 Days of Coinbase: More Features for Personal Dashboard

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by Teuta Franjkovic · 3 min read
Day 4 of 12 Days of Coinbase: More Features for Personal Dashboard
Photo: The Coinbase Blog

Coinbase launched a new 12-day event similar to the popular Christmas carol of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’. As the crypto industry moves fast, and it can be hard to filter the signal from the noise every day, Coinbase decided to create – the Watchlist.

On the fourth day of Christmas Coinbase didn’t send Four Calling Birds but something even better.

We already wrote of how Coinbase launched a new 12-day event similar to the popular Christmas carol of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’.

The Christmas carol has been long known to be a song that talks about giving gifts to loved ones in a 12 day period. In the classic song, the value and importance of each gift increases as the days go by with the first day being Christmas day.

Unlike the popular song, the team at Coinbase chose to start their 12 days of giving on the 10th of December. The 12-day event ends on the 21st of December which is four days before Christmas.

With the fourth day ‘gift’, the watchlist, customers can click the star icon on any asset pages to indicate they’re interested in those cryptocurrencies, and their dashboard will feature key information about those assets on a new Following tab.

In Coinbase they say that they are aware that historic pricing charts aren’t for everyone. So, once a client creates his or her own watchlist, they decide what asset information is most helpful to view first. A client can choose traditional price charts or a list of market data. If, for example, you’re no longer interested in a particular asset, just a simple un-starring will remove it from your watchlist.

This feature isn’t limited to the assets formally supported on Coinbase. Once logged in, customers can star any of the assets featured on Coinbase’s informational prices page. Additionally, they have increased the precision of their price charts, added a feed of industry news articles and said that they are experimenting with price summary widgets on the dashboard.

In Coinbase they said:

“Over the past 6 months, we’ve made several investments in customers’ logged-in experience. Each new feature serves a greater purpose: to give customers the ability to tailor the Coinbase app to their crypto interests. We look forward to building more features that make your dashboard more personal.”

Just for reminder, on day 1, Coinbase announced that users could buy gift cards so that family and friends could get some Uber, Adidas, and Nike surprises through its U-gift program.

The second day was more in the Christmas spirit. Coinbase used it as an opportunity to help those in need and support’s pioneering work. The $10,000 ZEC donation shall support’s project in Venezuela. With that, recipients will be able to purchase food and basic supplies at a local store that accepts payments in crypto, subsidizing everyday expenses.

Just for example, the $1 USD equivalent per day can buy 1–2 kilos of protein or 2-kilos of starches and vegetables. Recipients will come from the networks of Venezuelan families already in’s program with Bonnum.

For the “third day of Christmas”, Coinbase made a video in which they tried to explain their mission and their vision about how cryptocurrencies can change the global economy and why is that important.

“Cryptocurrency is gonna be a great democratizing force for the world because it’s gonna allow anybody with cell phone to access the financial services. There are around 1,8 billion people in the world that have cellphone but no access to any of the financial services. Here lie benefits of cryptocurrency and the blockchain. There is no middlemen while transferring money,” then said Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase.

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