Coinbase Pro Crypto Exchange Launches Margin Trading to Its Selected Users

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Coinbase Pro Crypto Exchange Launches Margin Trading to Its Selected Users
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Coinbase Pro will first offer margin trading with 3x leverage to retail traders from twenty-three states of the United States.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that it will now offer margin trading to its Coinbase Pro interface selected users from today. According to the company, both retail and institutional traders will be able to submit orders with a margin of up to 3x leverage. However, the margin will only be available on crypto pairs with the U.S. dollar as the base currency.

According to Coinbase, the new feature will first be available to retail traders from twenty-three states of the United States. Besides, the feature will also be available to institutional investors from forty-five states. In the international market, Coinbase margin trading will be available in nine countries until it is completely rolled out for all to use.

Importance of Coinbase Margin Trading

Margin trading is a feature that is mostly used by forex traders in currency and futures in the market. However, the crypto market is moving in a ground-shaking pace, hence the need to venture out all possibilities for the investors to apply.

Traditionally, margin trading has been used to allow users to access leverage which otherwise they would not make to enter a trade. Margin trading in crypto space comes like a sword with a double edge that can save and kill simultaneously. This is because margin trading gives a trader a chance to multiply the gains if in profits and at the same time multiply the losses if in a losing streak.

Coinbase margin trading will offer investors a chance to enter multiple trades at a given time if hedging multiple positions is required. According to Coinbase, it believes it will be in a position to provide the required liquidity for all the margin trading orders requested.

Through a well-orchestrated plan, Coinbase will vet its users to verify is they qualify to access the margin trading. Coinbase will be looking for active users in its interface Coinbase Pro who have professional trading habits.

This will be a tremendous upgrade as crypto exchanges compete to provide cutting edge technology to its customers. With the blockchain still in the early phases, more innovations will put crypto exchanges in the lead of others if they invest in blockchain software developers

Current Geographical Access of Coinbase Margin Trading

 For retail customers in the United States, if you are in one of these states and have a professional history trading with Coinbase, then you can access the margin trading feature.

The states include: Massachusetts, Oregon, New Jersey, Illinois, Nebraska, Texas, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Alaska, Florida, Virginia, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Maine, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

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