CoinLion to Launch Token Sale on December 18, Pre-ICO is Active

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CoinLion to Launch Token Sale on December 18, Pre-ICO is Active
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According to the startup, the new project is expected to improve the cryptocurrency trading, making the process more secure and less challenging.

CoinLion is a new ethereum-based solution designed to allow everyday users exchange and control their digital assets in an easy and efficient way.

In today’s world, managing virtual assets can be difficult and time consuming, even for the experienced traders. Current exchanges do not offer the tools, research, and analytics necessary for effective trading, creating a barrier to entry for cryptocurrency users, especially for beginners. Besides, the industry is still facing security issues, which have already caused the shutdown of some major exchanges like Mt.Gox.

CoinLion is the world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to address these issues. The startup team believes that trading in virtual currencies should be a rewarding process. The platform will enable investors to exchange digital currency under one portfolio management platform and will deliver a wide range of other capabilities, like analytics, research, token generation, and dual blockchain order book system.

“Currently, managing and trading digital currency is messy and inefficient. That’s why we built CoinLion, to support controlled disciplined investment processes and meet the demands of traders in the expanding digital currency marketplace,” said Joshua DeWitt, CEO of CoinLion.

“Right now, exchanges do not provide users with the tools, research, and education they need to make smart decisions when it comes to managing these assets. We look forward to supporting digital currency traders and managers, and giving them powerful toolsets to manage digital currency confidently.”

CoinLion is now in the process of raising funds via the pre-sale of its LION tokens that are offered at a price of 1 ETH per 3,500 LIONs. The startup has already sold more than 1,2 million tokens, collecting over 353 ETH.

During the main token sale, that will run from December 18, 2017, till February 25, 2018, the value of LIONs will grow on a weekly basis. All funds generated from the crowdsale will be used on growing CoinLion staff, improving security of the platform, and ensuring legal compliance.

LION is a native token that can be spent on the platform and earned through sharing investment strategies, portfolios, and research with other users. Besides, it can be used to track and duplicate portfolios, trade for free within the LION market, receive discounted trading when holding LION, create multiple portfolios, access analytics within the platform’s research library, advertise portfolios on CoinLion and other platforms, and take part in ICOs launched on the platform at a discounted rate.

Once the token sale is completed, CoinLion will continue developing the platform until its launch in Q3 of 2018.

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