Cointelegraph Announces Its New Consulting Division to Support Blockchain Adoption

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Cointelegraph Announces Its New Consulting Division to Support Blockchain Adoption
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Insolar, the leading enterprise blockchain solutions provider, announced that it has established a partnership with Cointelegraph’s newly-formed consulting division.

Famous cryptocurrency website Cointelegraph announced on Friday it is launching its own consulting allotment in order to enable the biggest companies to adopt blockchain as such. With that in mind, Cointelegraph plans to focus on thoroughly chosen blockchain participants that will be able to fulfill any promises they might eventually give to selected enterprise players.

However, the whole selection process will not be that simple. There is already a huge criteria combo that they will have to fulfill. Among several, there is blockchain technology per se, the professional team that has the capacity to deal with those clients and, of course, a tracked proof of such implementation. Also, the company itself aims to be present in every segment of blockchain implementation as the professional provider and assistant. As per Cointelegraph, it plans to help its customers in recognizing exact use cases, thoroughly checking the vendors as well as assisting them in presenting and delivering the solution itself.

The company noted this division will be led by some of the best professionals in the industry including analysts, technology and financial experts and managers with the best “know-how” possible – meaning, the people who were (or still are) previously employed with companies such as Boston Consulting Group, Accenture, and McKinsey.

Managing Director of Cointelegraph Consulting Arsenii Dain commented that Cointelegraph’s 6-year experience and a huge network across blockchain startups, as well as the technology leaders, puts them in an “ideal position to boost enterprise blockchain adoption.” He added the company’s mission “is to connect our enterprise customers with blockchain vendors, and ultimately ensure that blockchain-powered tech brings tangible value to businesses.”

The company also announced its first partner in the fintech sector with the focus on blockchain is a global tech company dubbed Insolar. As they stressed, the Insolar aims to focus on building enterprise blockchain solutions. As far it’s known, the company complies with all the criteria Cointelegraph previously mentioned including its cooperation and partnerships with the biggest players in the fintech sector as are, just to mention some, Microsoft, Oracle, Berkley University, AT Kearney and Innosuisse.

Let’s not forget the fact that Insolar was founded by the ex Goldman Sachs executives and is led by real professionals who actually incorporated blockchain technology in a bank’s policy.

Insolar can also brag about some of the best-distributed ledger technology talents and a team that counts 80 men, and the research headquarters positioned in Toronto and Zurich.

Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Insolar Peter Fedchenkov, commented:

“While many forward-looking enterprises are actively exploring blockchain opportunities, only 7% of all blockchain pilots go into production. This is due to the fact that the market is still dominated by projects with little hands-on experience in enterprise environments and immature technologies that deliver limited value to business. Our entire team has experience both at Fortune 500 companies and in successfully implementing enterprise blockchain solutions. Together with Cointelegraph, we look forward to expanding our reach in successfully implementing blockchain.”

Hopefully, Cointelegraph’s new approach to blockchain strategy consulting will be successful including all eventual technology mergers and partnerships.

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