Contentos Announces Listing on Binance DEX

Place/Date: Singapore - June 21st, 2019 at 7:22 am UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Contentos, Source: Contentos

Contentos (COS) has announced that they are officially listed on Binance DEX on June 20th, 2019. The popular public blockchain project, which has a large user base in Asia Pacific and South America, confirmed the listing after reaching an agreement with Binance Chain. They announced the good news of joining on Binance Chain and getting listed on Binance DEX this week.

Contentos Co-Founder Mick Tsai said:

“Contentos, which is received investment from Binance Labs, has seen many exciting results under our union with the global community. We are pleased to receive strong support from the Binance community and affirmation to be traded on Binance DEX. We sincerely invite all our community members to join us now, to support Contentos (COS) on the safe and free Binance DEX”.

Contentos has already migrate COS to the BEP-2 protocol under Binance Chain. With more and more Tokens adopting BEP -2, Binance Chain has become a better choice for many blockchain projects.

The COS migration to the Binance Chain will bring a number of benefits, including additional trading pairs on Binance DEX, improved storage security and expanded liquidity.

Contentos chooses to be listed on Binance DEX because of their long-standing and deep relationship.

Contentos is an early project of Binance Labs, the investment department of Binance. In addition to funding support, Binance Labs supports Contentos in technology development, community building and brand promotion.

One of the biggest advantages of Contentos is their two-step approach to public adoption: public-chain development and ecological expansion. With their many years of operating and app development experience, Mick and his team are pushing technology forward. Through partnerships, the project will launch with the content and users of social giants PhotoGrid, Cheez, and LiveMe, providing a solid foundation of nearly 60 million combined monthly active users for their decentralized ecosystem.

Contentos has successfully launched their test network through phased introduction of blockchain technology. Contentos v0.03 “Venus”, which launched on June 10th, gathered over 43,472 online addresses in just ten days with an average of 10,000 daily active users (DAU) producing 45,000 daily transactions. This data was pulled from the four Contentos dApps: PhotoGrid, COS2048, WalkCoin and

According to the data from DappReview, EOS currently has 560 dApp, average daily active users about 100,000; TRON has 484 dapps, with more than 50,000 daily active users. ETH has 1,824 dapps, and its main chain is active about 20,000 a day. It is expected that Contentos will soon be able to gauge the scale of these three major public chains’ development when Contentos launch in September this year.

Together with their partners, Contentos has promoted operational activities which has allowed them to establish a large organic user base for the project moving forward.

In building a decentralized IP (Intellectual Property) content ecosystem, Contentos has made all of their code open source on GitHub. They do so under the principle of openness in technology and operating strategies. They wish to share traffic resources and auxiliary products with dApp partners in the ecosystem to accelerate development and the launch of new services. The “Open Platform” aims to provide easy token conversion mechanisms to lower the learning threshold for everyday users unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies.

Co-Founder Mick Tsai said:

“An equitable, consensus-building approach to resource allocation is core to decentralization and is a principle which drives us forward.”

Now that Contentos is expanding its cooperation with various public chains and dApps, and their ecosystem partners are getting support from a large user base, it is expected that COS, the token issued by the Contentos project, will become more widely available in the near future.

Ella Zhang, Chief Executive of Binance Labs, said:

“We feel that Contentos has all the resources and knowledge needed to solve some of the obvious pain points of the content creation industry.”

About Contentos

Contentos is a public blockchain project specifically designed and built for the global digital content industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, Contentos aims to resolve major challenges that centralized content platforms face today, such as content distribution, monetization, authentication, and copyright management.

Contentos seeks to empower creators by monetizing their content and encouraging collaboration with advertisers, fans, and other creators as well as rewarding positive contributions to the community.