Coronavirus Spreading Intensifies in U.S., India Locks Down

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Coronavirus Spreading Intensifies in U.S., India Locks Down
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India is going on a nationwide quarantine. For at least the next 24 hours all Indians are discouraged to go to the streets. Also, the WHO thinks that the United States can become the next hot spot for coronavirus pandemic.

Great Britain, India and many other countries already imposed hardcore quarantine. The coronavirus, U.S. markets, and overall uncertainty makes people go hoarding. Coronavirus spreading across the planet is causing much panic from the government and investment sides too. All thanks to the simple fact that it has several times bigger contamination rate than SARS and MERS. The new virus beats all the shit out of the majority of viruses even from its own family.

The controversial ZeroHedge article, thanks to which ZH was forever banned from Twitter, claims that virus may be of laboratory origin. If so, then the sudden jump in contamination rate, compared to other corona’s, is purely explainable. The death rate, as well as the recovery rate, seems like in terms of normal for SARS, MERS and Corona family.

Soldiers Are Interfering with Supply Chains, Locking Up the Businesses

In many regions of the planet, the soldiers already patrol the streets. Conspiracy theorists already write scary essays on the web. Claiming that coronavirus soldiers are there to keep ordinary people away from the elite. They just ‘help’ the businesses to shut down if they can’t understand the necessity of such a moe by themselves. Also, they are asking the workers of different plants and factories to avoid walking outside of the working area.

What is worse, the soldiers are breaking the supply chains, with more than half a people even getting to pay the fee. Many European governments have changed their laws. Now, the business breaking the quarantine gets insane penalties.

Edoardo Campanella from the UniCredit Bank Milan says that global recession is around the corner:

“The global health crisis is rapidly morphing into a global recession, as there is a clear tension between preventing infections and ruining the economy.”

Wall Street Bounce Back After 2 Trillion Help Announcement

The investors have put a temporary stop on a panic sell mode. The issue is that the Fed had promised a 2 trillion help. The U.S. Senate needs to pass that bill, paving the way for the economy to rise again. The bloody March has made the U.S. approach a point of no return. Whether the States can avoid total annihilation? The grand stock buyout could foster the numbers for some time, maybe for a week. But what’s next?

Margaret Harris spoke in Geneva, with a report claiming that infection in the U.S. is increasing. From day to day, more than 42,000 people in the U.S. were contaminated. This will increase the panic, as people are sitting at homes, watching the news and spending the ‘last resort’ cash. On Monday, at least 559 people were confirmed as dead from the coronavirus.

Per the worldwide stats, coronavirus got 408,000 people in 194 countries. More than 17,000 cases appeared to be deadly. Per Margaret:

“We are now seeing a very large acceleration in cases in the U.S. So it does have that potential.”

The lack of coordinated action is the worst side of the U.S. reaction to the virus. The Healthcare system never was set for an insane wave of the patients it sees now. Since all the local hospitals act on their own, the local governing is a bit complicated.

President Donald Trump claims that the government is doing everything possible. Elon Musk has bought and supplied 1255 of the lung ventilator devices for California. All America stands as one, in front of the horrible danger.

Indian Prime Minister Fears for Coronavirus Spreading in Delhi

Narendra Modi has claimed that the nationwide quarantine will last for 21 days. Since midnight every day, people won’t have the right to go outside their houses. By mid-May, more than a million people could catch the infection, analysts say. And one of the biggest cities in India should follow the protection rules:

“The only way to save ourselves from coronavirus is if we don’t leave our homes, whatever happens, we stay at home.”

In India, they have 9 deaths and 482 confirmed cases, but considering the virus is spreading on a large territory, the picture could change any moment.

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