CoTrader: A Revolutionary Blockchain Finance Marketplace

September 27th, 2018 at 9:43 pm UTC · 3 min read

For many, the crypto investment industry has definitely been a bankable space. For those who are aware of the right channels, there is just no end to minting money. Even with the newest generation of assets, cryptos and ICOs that have generated 1000x returns, investors are not very comfortable in investing. The reason being, it requires a fair amount of time and understanding.

Enter CoTrader, an innovative digital platform that ensures its investors maximum returns in minimum time.  CoTrader is the first trustless marketplace in the world for investment funds. It’s a $3M hard capICO, and the platform is already live on the Ethereum and mainnet at

CoTrader solves the problem of investing, which in itself is so time-consuming and easy to mess up with the plethora of cryptos and ICOs around. Its target is to become the largest marketplace for market funds by democratizing the global funds’ industry of $85 trillion.

For the first time in the history, CoTrader brings the blockchain transparency of fund fees which enables them to withdraw their assets from any fund at any point of time with a valid proof of each fund’s past ROI.

Being a decentralized domain, it eliminates the middleman and offers a smooth peer to peer transaction where the investor is in complete authority of his own assets and can deposit or withdraw at any time from his funds.Now, anyone can be a CoTrader fund manager, and anyone can invest in any trader’s fund.

The fund managers can make a profit from their percentage of funds managed for their investors. CoTrader will use its patent-pending algorithm to preserve the fund manager’s privacy while still ensuring withdraws and providing returns.

The fund managers on the platform can invest in resale pools or ICOs, whereas, the investors can trade share of their funds before their tokens unlock or sending out their ICOs. CoTrader platform will provide trade secrecy for fund managers. It may be the world’s first platform to enable trading future ICO tokens via smart contracts.

The CoTrader platform itself will take minimal or even 0% fees. The value is in the tokens that will get automatically converted and held, or staked, at 10% the value of every fund on the platform. Upon withdrawing from the fund, investors get their stake back.

The entire trading process gets done on the superDEX infrastructure of the CoTrader platform which will combine power and liquidity from numerous decentralized exchanges such as 0x, Kyber, Bancor, and many more. The roadmap of CoTrader platform consists of smart escrow exchange infrastructure which will help provide liquidity along with many centralized exchanges.

CoTrader is a blockchain platform which aims to solve the complexity of the investment management problems and has a roadmap planned to become the most significant investment fund marketplace in the world. It is a great use of blockchain that offers immutable history and transparency of exactly what you funds have earned.

CoTrader is an exciting ground-breaking technology that is built to last forever. Its sale is still ongoing, at



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