Craig Wright Discloses Timestamped Document Claiming the Roots of ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Name

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Craig Wright Discloses Timestamped Document Claiming the Roots of ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Name
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In his latest interview, Craig Wright unveiled a timestamped document which shows that pseudonymous name of Satoshi Nakamoto comes from a paper on “Japanese Adam Smith”.

The mystery behind the anonymous Bitcoin founder – Satoshi Nakamoto – continues to be the topic of discussion. Over the last decade since the Bitcoin inception, Nakamoto remains unidentified. However, nChain Chief Scientist Craig Wright has repeatedly claimed himself as the identity behind this mysterious name.

In the latest development, Craig Wright has shared a timestamped document that explains the roots of the “Satoshi Nakamoto” name. During his interview with Modern Consensus, Wright explains that the pseudonym comes from a paper about the “Japanese Adam Smith”. He also claims that he downloaded the academic database six months before the release of Bitcoin whitepaper.

It’s been for a while now that Craig Wright has been trying out ways to prove this identity. However, on several occasions, he has been severely criticized by crypto industry veterans. Time and again, Wright has failed to provide enough proof for his identity behind the real Satoshi.

Craig Wright Dragged to the Court

In the past, due to his adamant claims of being the real Satoshi, Craig Wright has been sued several times. He has faced lawsuits for forgery and fraud from Bitcoin investors and other industry veterans.

Earlier in August 2019, British podcaster Peter McCormack considered filing a class-action lawsuit against Wright and his team for falsely claiming himself as the real Satoshi and that Bitcoin SV is the Satoshi Version.

Furthermore, Wright was in major trouble recently when Dave Kleiman a $10 billion lawsuit. Kleiman, the brother of Wright’s late business partner, accused him of robbing the estate of more than 500,000 Bitcoins. Dave Klieman said that these Bitcoins mined by the firm before December 31, 2013, belonged to the company and not Wright alone. thus, he claimed a 50% share on all the Bitcoins mined before the mentioned date.

Later, Wright lost to Klieman in the court as the Florida federal judge Bruce Reinhart said that Wright must return 50% of the Bitcoins mined amounting to $10 billion. The judge slapped penalty to Wright saying that he produced false documents of giving Dave a 50% stake in the total Bitcoins mined.

Later, it was known that Craig Wright was breaking the settlement-agreement as he no longer could finance it. With all these twists and turns, Craig Wright’s claims being the real Satoshi seem to be going nowhere in his favor.

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