Crypt2Pos Launches ICO to Make Payments in Cryptoсurrencies Available via POS Terminals

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read

The platform is a win-win solution for both customers and business owners: it offers a convenient and simple way of using the cryptocurrency which does not require any special equipment.

Cryptocurrencies have lots of advantages over the fiat money: transactions are fast and secure, the money volume is not controlled by the government. However, the crypto critics always have a strong argument against Bitcoin and its rivals: the usage of the cryptocurrencies suffers from serious limitations.

Crypt2Pos is the platform which offers a way of paying for goods and services with cryptocurrencies using POS terminals. This project is expected to become a significant breakthrough in the sphere of cryptocurrency adoption. The technology developed by Crypt2Pos does not require from business owners to install some special equipment for conducting transactions in cryptocurrencies. Shops can just connect their POS terminals to the platform.

The ability to accept payments in cryptocurrencies is the key attraction of the Crypt2Pos platform. However, the range of features offered by Crypt2Pos is much wider. It provides users with a possibility to transfers money to cryptocurrency wallets or bank cards. Conversion of various types of cryptocurrency is also available for the Crypt2Pos platform users.

Crypt2Pos is a flexible platform that may benefit business in a variety of ways. The payments in cryptocurrencies are expected to become the most marketable feature. However, business can use the platform to organize loyalty programs or establish Invoicing systems in cryptocurrency.

At the moment Crypt2Pos is working only with POS terminals, but in the nearest future it is expected to present a mobile application. The team which stands behind the project has made it best to provide better user experience for the business. The platform allows to view transaction history and manage all the payment information.

The platform works with the mobile wallet which enables the usage of all the most popular cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin confidently dominates the market, Crypt2Pos made its best to provide the faster transactions in this cryptocurrency with the usage of the best mining pools.

The Crypt2Pos platform is now in the process of the main part of the ICO token sale. The total issue of CRPOS token is 350 million. The ICO started on the 18th of February and is to end on the 3rd of April. CRPOS token is a very special unit, because it is not digital currency – it is not even a financial instrument. The token is used to pay the commission for transactions. Holders of the token are promised to have a lower commission rate.

The Crypt2Pos platform seems to be a promising project. The problem of convenient spending of cryptocurrencies definitely slows down the pace of development of the whole sphere. If a Bitcoin owner wants to pay for lunch with the cryptocurrency it will turn into a rather complicated process of exchanging.

Crypt2Pos is making things easier – it turns paying with cryptocurrencies into one-click issue and brings this technology to both next-door shops and giant supermarkets.

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