Crypterium Makes It Easy to Invest in Digital Assets through Daily AI-Powered Price Predictions

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Crypterium Makes It Easy to Invest in Digital Assets through Daily AI-Powered Price Predictions
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The predictions are seamlessly integrated with the Crypterium wallet that is easily accessible by login into the wallet and heading to the market section.

Crypterium, a leading blockchain startup, is making it easy for individuals to invest in crypto assets through its daily AI-powered price predictions. The new feature adds to a plethora of features already on offer by the company, including a digital wallet where users can send, buy, exchange, cash out, pay and earn effortlessly through a high yield savings account and a card that allows users to spend crypto and fiat instantly with ease.

The new feature is believed to offer over 96% accuracy. It covers over 150 digital assets daily with a compressive report on why a given asset is likely to move in the predicted direction. All one needs to access the feature is to sign up on the digital wallet and select a plan. The predictions come in three plans; the free plan, where you can access only a few assets such as ETH, OMG, LINK, MKR, and ZRX. Then there is the daily plan where you get to access predictions for all the 150 digital assets for only $2.99, or you can opt to pay $60 per month and get a 30% discount.

The daily price predictions are a lifesaver, especially for new traders who may feel like they are missing out on the opportunities the crypto market has to offer. They are also crucial for experienced traders as they help save them time, which could have been spent conducting other exhaustive research before placing trades.

Powered by State-of-the-Art AI Technology

The new feature wouldn’t be so accurate if it weren’t powered by state-of-the-art AI technology through a proprietary self-learning algorithm capable of compiling and processing over 200 TB of market data.

The predictions are seamlessly integrated with the Crypterium wallet that is easily accessible by login into the wallet and heading to the market section. Once there, you will find a list of all coins present according to the plan you choose, and by clicking on a given asset, you will see the prediction rate for the past one month, a sell or buy signal with a percentage signal strength, and results of the previous day prediction.

During the new feature launch, CEO Steven Parker was enthused by what he termed as one of his “favorite” features since the startup began operating three years ago. He went on to add:

“Over the years, we’ve seen many investors rush into bad investment decisions. Not because of the assets they’ve chosen, but mostly because of the timing. This feature makes it easy for everyone to understand whether it’s a good time to enter a position or not. At the end of the day, this is a very powerful tool to increase chances of winning trades and limit unnecessary exposure.”

The addition of the new feature couldn’t be more timely given that many individuals tend to enter the crypto market, especially when it’s on a bull run. High speculation pushes asset prices up, and due to FOMO, many inexperienced people jump in headfirst only to get burnt. However, this time around, hopefully, this won’t be the case for those that opt to use the price perdition feature that Crypterium believes leads a new era of investing.

According to the startup, the new feature’s sole purpose is to offer users a simple yet reliable way to identify attractive investment opportunities within an ever-evolving digital asset market. This feature can be accessed on a highly responsive interface where predictions are delivered in an easy way to understand, even for people with little knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

The price prediction feature is the latest addition to the Crypterium wallet, which serves as a one stop shop that simplifies crypto asset management.

Features on Crypterium Wallet

Some of the things you can do using the wallet include sending money instantly for free no matter where the other party is located, and all you need is just a phone number. Then you can buy your favorite crypto asset on the go with just a debit/credit card. The tokens you purchase can be exchanged easily on the same platform, and it’s possible to cash out the digital assets to your payment card in a few minutes. Additionally, you can pay using the card and get to earn by opening a savings account.

Over the past three years, Crypterium has experienced massive growth, and currently, its services are entrusted by more than 350,000 users in more than 180 countries. The company isn’t satisfied yet and plans to grow to over 5 million users in the next few years by offering products that solve people’s everyday problems. An excellent example of this is the free to access Crypterium Card Visa enables its users to make instant payments to over 42 million retailers worldwide.

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