Crypto Curious Podcast Hold Interview with Hada DBank Advisor Robby Schwertner, AKA ‘Crypto Robby’

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Crypto Curious Podcast Hold Interview with Hada DBank Advisor Robby Schwertner, AKA ‘Crypto Robby’
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Hada DBank’s top advisor, Robby Schwertner recently was a special guest on the Crypto Curious Podcast and talked about blockchain.

Hada Dbank Advisor Robby Schwertner AKA “Crypto Robby”, was invited as a special guest to the most recent Crypto Curios Podcast. He used the platform to express his passion for blockchain technology, and explained how it is transforming the world.

Hada DBank is the world’s first digital Islamic bank, working with an ethics system that pursues transparency and minimum risk for the client. And the blockchain innovations facilitate achieving these goals.

Those getting started with self-education on blockchain and crypto technology will most likely turn to websites or internet videos. The rise of these technologies has given a boost to the podcast medium as well, with many alternative channels providing interviews and sharing crypto related advice.

Last week on the Crypto Curios Podcast, Robby Schwertner AKA “Crypto Robby” shared his story of how he decided to enter the crypto industry. 4 years ago he came across the now infamous whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto on bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Once he started investigating the subject, he found himself instantly enthralled. Robby described blockchain as a wonderful technology that enables the transfer of property and value instantly and securely. Here, value refers to anything shared on the blockchain, from cryptocurrencies and energy to intellectual property.

Another feature of blockchain highlighted by Robby is the aspect of value transfers that do not allow any spending of credit, which means that all value shared is the actual value. This prevents any individual or business from double spending their currency unintentionally. Cryptocurrency is also encrypted and blockchain is almost impossible to hack.

Banks vs Blockchain Technology

For those involved or just interested in fintech industries, one of the main topics for debate is the issue of whether banks or blockchain technology provides more security and efficiency for the client. Many banks have concerns about the compatibility of blockchain technology with their systems.

Speaking about this Bank vs Blockchain debate, Robby revealed that he receives a 50/50 reception from banks that he has had a dialogue with. He noted that some banks are concerned about how the blockchain will affect their business, while others are open for implementing the technology across their banking platforms. He also added that blockchain technology is going to stay, that’s why companies should adapt and shift their business focus.

Return on Society

The most valuable aspect of blockchain for Robby is the #ReturnOnSociety aspect. Blockchain enables the distribution of wealth to be back to people and society through a fully decentralized system. Projects such as Hada DBank that offer a Limited Unbanked Account will assist groups of individuals who remain without a bank account, allowing them to store currency and remit funds without imposing interests and service fees.

When discussing the recent events of mismanagement and fraud that the industry has suffered, Robby noted it wasn’t an inherent trait of the technology itself. Rather, the fault lies in the moral hazard that penetrates every industry.

On the subject of cryptocurrencies themselves, Robby acknowledged that many people were fearful of investing in crypto because of their high volatility. However, national currencies suffer volatility as well.  For example, in the case of Venezuela, hyperinflation brought down the country’s entire economy, which is quite a controversial issue for the country.

It was only a short extract from the interview. The full podcast can be found here.

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