Reasons Why Crypto Exchange Switchere Is Taking Market by Storm

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Reasons Why Crypto Exchange Switchere Is Taking Market by Storm
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Switchere, a new player in the crypto world, is actively developing in Europe where it has a huge customer base and penetrating the Asian market as well.

A new crypto exchange by the name Switchere is not only developing fast but also gaining a huge customer base in Europe. Although entering a market with huge competition, it has grown fast to see its services reach the Asian market, which has a very large number of crypto enthusiasts.

The crypto exchange is offering transparency and competitive crypto exchange which its customers have been enjoying. With a number of programs to give back to the loyal customers, the management is working towards seeing the crypto space grow to reach all people of all nature.

The company’s operations are licensed where it guarantees its customers legal compliance and more so a secure infrastructure system for fast crypto exchange services. Among the licenses includes the virtual wallet service provide which was registered on 3/18/2019 without a time limit, the other is the virtual currency exchange service registered at the same time and without a time limit.

This gives Switchere a cutting edge in the crypto exchange market where customer fraud is on the rise. With the crypto space huge, a lot of potential in those who enter this early is somehow guaranteed. With average feedback of 4.5 stars according to Trust Pilot reviews, it is worth checking Switchere and verify for yourself on the awesome incentive-like programs and services offered.

What Makes Crypto Exchange Switchere Stand Out

Switchere offers a fast crypto exchange and also purchases where customers are guaranteed of no hidden fees. It is an all-inclusive service, whereby, the price you see is the price you pay.

Now you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with your bank card, either Visa or Mastercard, and then you are given a golden chance to convert crypto-to-crypto in a matter of minutes. In addition, Switchere offers an amazing cashback of up to 2%, whereby the more you buy or use the exchange services, the higher the percentage return you get.

But buying crypto is not the only option available. You can also sell it and receive fiat. After users sell their crypto they get a possibility of getting fiat currency to local bank accounts or directly to bank cards.

Another amazing feature with Switchere crypto exchange is the fact that it offers a non-custodial service to your crypto assets. This gives you as a Switchere user the privilege of managing your private keys.

Switchere has eased the onboarding and also user verification process, whereby you take only 60 seconds to register and up to 15 minutes to verify your documents. It has never been this accessible to crypto users. The other key advantage with Switchere is that it incorporates first-class security standards using crystal blockchain analytics which enhances the due diligence and AML compliance procedures.

Upon registering an account with Switchere, you have a chance to make more cash using the high-paying referral program. Switchere users can now generate passive income from referrals (80%) and sub-referrals (10%).

Last but not the least, Switchere users are guaranteed top-notch customer care services which are available round the clock.

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