Cryptolocator Unveils International Ethereum Trading Platform

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Cryptolocator Unveils International Ethereum Trading Platform
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Cryptolocator unveils international trading platform focused on Ethereum trading that ensures maximum security for transactions and user data.

Cryptolocator unveils international trading platform that focuses on Ethereum and provides safety and more convenient trading. Ethereum is the second cryptocurrency (after Bitcoin) by popularity with market cap more than $30 billion.

Ethereum price increased considerably for last years. This growth shows stability and provides confidence to this cryptocurrency by investors. Despite Ethereum great drop in the middle of September because of Chinese government ban on ICOs, price could increase by 30%. Ethereum price reached psychological level of $300 yesterday. Today, it trades at $302, according to the CoinMarketCap.

Moreover, XBT Provider by CoinShares informed that two Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs), used for tracking the price of Ethereum, appeared on Nasdaq Stockholm.

“The listing of these two Ether ETNs is a major win for European investors who have been requesting these products for over a year now,” MD of XBT Provider by CoinShares Laurent Kssis said. “As of today, if investors want hassle-free exposure to the price movements of ether, they simply call their broker or trade on their normal brokerage platform – that’s truly remarkable. We are thrilled to be able to deliver on investor demand via a safe, familiar route in Nasdaq,”

As results, the growing interest in Ethereum justifies the demand for easily accessible solutions for ETH trading with minimum limitations and maximum amount of trading pairs. The first information about Cryptolocator opening appeared in September.

Now we can assure that Cryptolocator answers to the demand of a p2p platform focused on Ethereum trading that ensures maximum security for transactions and user data.

Users set the conditions of their trades by choosing payment options and trading pairs. The p2p principle enables direct trading between the buyer and the seller, and excludes any intermediaries and their influence on transparency and speed. As an International marketplace,

Cryptolocator will provide eight languages – English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese. The first traders on Cryptolocator will have discounts on fees for all transactions during the first six months of the platform operation.

The platform ensures anti-fraud protection by freezing assets on escrow for the entire duration of the operation. Two-factor authentication and SSL connection ensure protection of user data and transactions. The system also features a solution to prevent DDoS attacks, which is presented by the leading cryptosecurity solutions provider in fintech.

Moreover, the platform provides a reputation system: anyone can rate his experience of trading with a particular user. In order to settle possible disputes and provide consulting options, Cryptolocator offers professional support from legal, financial, and technical experts.

Cryptolocator’s team includes various experts in FinTech, blockchain projects and smart contract industries. The technical part is implemented by Russian developers, while the entire team is scattered between Berlin and New Zealand.

Cryptolocator also offers a bounty program (the terms are available at for the community members interested in the project.

Further development of Cryptolocator will be stagewise. The developers intend to add new trading pairs, release iOS and Android apps and integrate the infrastructure with Ethereum blockchain.

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