CyberConnect Community Token Sale & Registration on CoinList Announced

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CyberConnect Community Token Sale & Registration on CoinList Announced
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The CyberConnect CYBER token initial coin offering takes place on CoinList on May 18th, three days after the registration deadline.  

CoinList recently announced the registration and sale of its CyberConnect Community tokens would soon be underway. In a blog post, the digital currency exchange said the sale of the user-empowering decentralized social network’s tokens begins on May 18th. The deadline for registration would be three days earlier on May 15th.

Priced at $1.80 per token, the CYBER tokens have an initial supply of 3,000,000 tokens, with an additional 2,000,000 that can be unlocked during the sale period. However, CoinList pointed out that unlocking the additional token supply would be at the team’s discretion.

The CyberConnect team took to Twitter to announce the public sale of its native utility & governance token.


CyberConnect described itself as the biggest platform for users and developers since its 2021 launch as Web3’s earliest decentralized social network. It has challenged the Web2 status quo since inception, by establishing a community-owned platform that offers users control over their digital affairs. This includes ultimate ownership over their digital identity, data content, connections, and monetization channels.

In addition to providing a link between these digital assets, the decentralized social graph protocol offers a smart contract wallet. The CyberConnect Wallet securely stores the digital assets of users and developers and facilitates easy Web3 onboarding of these assets. This functionality sees CyberConnect’s decentralized data storage operate as a hybrid model combining on and off-chain advantages.

According to reports, over 50 projects already deploy CyberConnect’s decentralized social network infrastructure for numerous use cases. These include community-owned social networks, content curation, marketplaces, and discovery tools.

As of April, the CyberConnect protocol has over 875,000 CyberProfiles and roughly 327,000 monthly active wallets. These self-sovereign on-chain identities have completed more than 7.3 million cumulative transactions across numerous blockchains and decentralized protocols.

Currently on EthereumPolygon, and BNB Chain, CyberConnect is designed to be multi-chain and scalable. The decentralized social graph protocol seeks to expand to other chains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Besides CyberConnect Development, CoinList Lists SUI

In other news, CoinList appears set to list Sui Blockchain native token SUI on May 3rd, coinciding with the Sui network mainnet launch. In a blog post, CoinList said:

“Our mission at CoinList is to empower builders at any stage in their journey and connect them with high-quality early adopters of their products. Today, we are excited to announce that CoinList will be listing SUI, the native token of the highly anticipated Sui Blockchain, on Day 1 of its launch.”

At the time of the announcement two days ago, the token launchpad and trading platform also said that “as part of the SUI launch, CoinList will offer 48 hours of free trading on all SUI pairs on CoinList Pro and 1 month of fee-free staking to all eligible CoinList users.”

Ranked among the most functional token listing platforms in the decentralized space, CoinList has facilitated the popularity of several innovative blockchain protocols. These include  Solana (SOL), Filecoin (FIL), Casper (CSPR), and Mina.

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