Databroker DAO Announce Token Pre-Sale to Launch IoT Sensor Data Marketplace

March 12th, 2018 at 9:22 am UTC · 3 min read

The DataBroker DAO platform is a remedy to the lost wealth of opportunities caused by IoT sensor data being locked and stored away in the data silos of organisations around the world. The growth of IoT sensor deployment is presently booming with industries, governments, research bodies and many other sectors spending hundreds of billions yearly on purchasing and maintaining IoT sensors.

Untapped Potential

There are already more than 9 Billion IoT sensors deployed globally to measure everything from the temperature to traffic congestion to the fullness of waste bins. The owners of these sensors are very diverse covering every industry imaginable as we are approaching a highly connected, “smart” everything world. These sensor owners make the investment to gain further insights ultimately to improve their operations or service offering.

This represents considerable business value for these companies but it also represents considerable potential value for 3rd parties that would be interested in purchasing the data for other purposes.

Using the DataBroker DAO ERC20 token, DTX (DaTa eXchange), DataBroker DAO users of all types gain unparalleled access to IoT data. Sensor owners connect with data purchasers enabling them to monetise their data and recoup costs while data purchasers gain access to previously inaccessible data.

Sensor Data for the Masses

The market for procuring, enriching and selling value added insights from data has already reached 150 billion USD per year with more than 5000 companies active in this space. As the proliferation of sensors accelerates and we continue moving towards a “smart everything” society, data becomes the new gold that will fuel everything around us.

Combine this trend with rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and we have the recipe for incredible growth in global demand for data.

DataBroker DAO can be viewed as the Amazon or Alibaba marketplace that will unlock the value locked away in this data.Sensor owners place their data up for sale priced in DTX and secure the integrity of their data by staking DTX tokens, they put their DTX where there reputation is.

Data purchasers can simply buy access to the data using DTX, gate operators then run

The scope of benefits that a IoT marketplace can provide are huge, Public Transport, Environmental Agencies, Academics, Smart City Initiatives, Energy corporations and so on could all be reaping the huge win-wins that an IoT sensor data marketplace could bring.

Having the ability to gather data from millions of sensors around the world allows for anyone with a need for data of this magnitude to utilise it and innovate, realise a dream, gain marketplace insights, help perfect self-driving AI technology, the list feels almost endless and it’s time to see how long it could be.

The Token Sale

Beginning March 19th, 2018, the DataBroker DAO token DTX will be available at a base rate of 1 ETH (Ethereum) = 4000 DTX. Pre-Sale participants receive a 50% bonus; the minimum purchase during this period is 10 ETH.

The Main Sale will begin March 26th, 2018 and run for four weeks with a first day bonus of 10%.

The DTX Token

DTX (DaTa eXchange) is a ERC20 utility token to be used within the DataBroker DAO platform serving as the credits to buy and sell data. The goal is to have 1 DTX token to cover the average value of the data from a sensor for one week.


Frank Van Geertruyden

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