DataBroker DAO Has Successfully Completed Its Token Presale

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

Blockchain IoT sensor data marketplace DataBroker DAO has announced its successfully finishing the pre-sale for the company’s token, DTX.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain startups often promise more than they can really offer creating a lot of hype around their platforms or other solutions. Unfortunately, many of them fall short of delivering their products, sometimes by significant amounts. Spotting a successful Blockchain project seems like a rather difficult task, but in fact, it requires two main steps: observing what a project does and estimating the startup’s activity towards its development.

Among the things demonstrating such activity can be announcing significant partnerships, platform redevelopments, bringing on board prominent and expertly qualified new team members or even pursuing promising relationships with institutions and regulatory bodies. This level of activity often precedes the project’s good results. Successful projects require constant innovations, from the stage of their development to final release, as well as after, and very few carry this through.

DataBroker DAO is a notable example of a Blockchain company doing the right thing. The Dubai-based Blockchain startup is entering the Internet of Things (IoT) market aiming to tap an enormous amount of presently unavailable IoT sensor data that in 2019 is estimated to be worth $1.2 Trillion USD.

To clarify, the IoT is made up of all the possibly available devices that are capable of interacting online and with each other. These devices are called sensors, often the data that is bought or collected and then hid away in data silos where the data is inaccessible.

DataBroker DAO is an IoT marketplace platform that allows users of any size or stature to purchase and sell their local IoT data, opening up a big chunk of the $1.2 Trillion USD market.

What makes DataBroker DAO’s project worth a significant mention is the fact that the team has been incredibly busy with setting up valuable partnerships and listening to the feedbacks of alliance members and potential users of the platform.

First of all, DataBroker DAO has announced “V2.0 Alpha” update for the platform based on the feedbacks mentioned above. The update addresses the concerns of validating quality IoT data through a new “Token Curated Registry” where users are required to stake the DataBroker DAO native token, DTX, against the data.

Furthermore, a new range of sensors in Belgium now acts as the interface to search and browse for data on the curated registry. Moreover, the update brings with it a decentralised application (DApp) that gives focus to discovering new and exciting data sets. DataBroker DAO is also listed on the CoinFalcon exchange, which means a winning move for any token wishing to be taken seriously in the crypto market.

The company has also partnered with AllThingsTalk, a prominent ‘middleware’ platform that brings simplicity to processing and aggregating users IoT sensor data. It’s also an end-to-end solution, connecting any hardware or software platform that allows the devices to connect to web services, interact and store data, which can then be visualised on web browsers and mobile dashboards.

DataBroker DAO has just finished up the presale for their utility token, DTX, the platform’s native currency allowing users to buy and sell IoT sensor data. The company has also recently updated the platform.The startup is ticking off the criteria that makes for a future of excellence.

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